About Bombastic Life

Bombastic Life was founded in August 2006 by a couple of avid luxury travelers. They started Bombastic Life because when they would plan a trip they always had difficulty getting good, unbiased information on luxury hotels and resorts, high-end restaurants and 1st class flights, and they figured, with as much as they traveled, they could fill the void.

Over the past eight years, they have visited over 70 countries and countless luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants and flown to many first and business class flights to count. They travel "undercover" at their own expense, without the property, restaurant or airline knowing they are there to review them. To date, they have written over 1,000 reviews!

You may ask, "Why do they do this?" and their answer is simple, they want to be able to report on what you, their readers, can expect on your trip. They don't look for special treatment (like the magazines, travel agents and newspapers get), they just want to report the plain and simple truth. No red carpets, free meals, fresh bouquets of flowers or bottles of Champagne, unless of course, that is the standard at the property.

Bombastic Life rates each property, restaurant, airline, "thing" (luggage, electronics, etc.) or wine on a long list of criteria to develop their score. We then turn their score into one of five ratings:

Fantastic Bombastic
Almost Bombastic
Almost Not Bombastic
Not Bombastic

In 2013, they started The Luxury Travel Agency so they could help other luxury travelers experience all that luxury travel could be. Click here to have them help you plan your next bombastic journey!