While we have traveled to over 55 countries around the world, there are a number of places we keep going back to again and again.

Take a look at our top destinations for reviews from the Maldives and London, Singapore and Toronto, Las Vegas and Italy, plus a few more of our favorites!

If you are planning a trip, we can help you with everything from just recommendations to actually booking your hotels, arranging your flights and finding some bombastic restaurants.

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

From the north of Italy to the south; Italy offers something for everyone! Beautiful vistas, art, history, wonderful restaurants, gorgeous hotels, wine and oh so much more!

Check out our Italy reviews for cities including Venice, Florence, Rome, the Amalfi Coast and many more places. We think you will find Italy as Bombastic as we do!


Kuwait Towers at Night - Kuwait

Constantly growing and changing, Kuwait is one of the most liberal places to visit in the Gulf. Restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, eateries and bistros abound. You name the cuisine and you'll find it in Kuwait.

Before heading for breakfast, lunch or dinner visit the Kuwait section of our site and read our Kuwait restaurant reviews.


The Maldives is our favorite place for a purely relaxing vacation. Give us a private water villa with just the sea and sun, and for us, it spells perfection.

There are a plethora of luxury resorts to choose from, so to make your trip bombastic, see our Maldives resort reviews to help you pick just the right resort in the Maldives.


View from the Sky Park at Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore

Singapore is not just a financial capital! Imagine luxury hotels, stellar restaurants, upscale shops and designer stores and you will be thinking Singapore.

But where to stay? Where to dine? Where to hang out? Look no further than our

Singapore reviews and get the scoop on where to book and what to skip.


Thailand is a place everyone must visit at least once in their life.

You have the bustling, sometimes crazy city, Bangkok, and outside the city you have gorgeous sceneries, serene islands and breathtaking countryside.

Check out the Thailand section of our site to see our Thailand reviews to help you pick the top places.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas... the home to the surreal, the mammoth casinos, the mega-huge hotels and countless restaurants. How can you possibly choose where to dine or where to stay when visiting Las Vegas?

Check out our Las Vegas reviews and find out which hotels and restaurants are bombastic, and which don't even register on our scale


London is one place it took us a little longer to fall in love with. That was mainly because we didn’t realize all it has to offer!

History, museums, theater, shopping, restaurants of every kind and the top of the top, luxury hotels. Who could ask for more? Check our London reviews for the scoop on the best place

New York, New York

New York the city that never sleeps, the city of immigrants, the city of shopping, theater, dining and fashion.

Whatever you call it, it’s a city that would take a life time to discover.

Use our New York reviews to help you plan the perfect trip or night out in New York.


We could never get tired of Paris! This is a city we walk for hours in, and always discover something new and exciting.

Cafes, restaurants, bistros, museums, designer shops and every array of luxury hotel from small boutique to the large chains can be found here.

Our Paris reviews can help you plan the perfect Parisian trip.


Toronto seems like a huge city and could be overwhelming to some, but it’s make up small neighbor- hoods makes it a wonderful place to explore.

Each neighborhood has its own unique character and style, and in such, Toronto really does have something for everyone.

Visit our Toronto reviews before making your plans.



Venice is unlike any other city in the world. The canals provide a unique setting and experience and make Venice one of our top places to visit.

Cafes, restaurants, canal front hotels, shops, piazzas and alleyways that wind around forever make Venice gem of a city.

Let our Venice reviews help you plan your own special journey.