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American Airlines - Miami, FL (MIA) to Toronto, ON (YYZ) - Flight AA646 - First/Business Review

Close to Bombastic

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Flight Information: American Airlines – Miami, FL (MIA) to Toronto, ON (YYZ) – Flight AA646 - First/Business Class Flight Review

We were returning from Mexico after eight days and just before we boarded our flight from Cancun to Miami (to connect to Toronto) we found out that our connecting flight from Miami to Toronto had been cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy. This is our flight review of our flight to Toronto which took place after being "stuck" in Miami for two nights. (Click here to read our Toronto restaurant reviews and Toronto luxury hotel reviews.)

Check-In: We checked in at the First Class counter with an actual person. So often we are directed to a kiosk to check in, but for the third time on this trip, we were actually greeted and checked in by an actual agent. Loved it! She was quick and professional, so much nicer than tapping buttons on a kiosk screen.

Thanks to our first/business class ticket (and short lines) we were through security in mere minutes and on our way to the Admirals Lounge.

First Impressions: As we had flown three flights already on the trip we knew what to expect when we boarded the plane. Prior to boarding, the gate agent did a good job of keeping us updated on the short flight delay and the when it was time to board, he boarded first/business class and priority members first. It’s always nice when they do this.

The Cabin: The configuration of the 737-800 had four rows of 2x2 in the first/business class cabin. It was decorated in American Airline’s shades of blue and gray. It was obvious one of their newer aircraft as its appearance was fresh and clean.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): Once we were seated the flight attendant offered to hang our jackets in the closet and once everyone was boarded she came back and offered us a pre-flight drink. I opted for a glass of their California sparkling wine.

Shortly after takeoff, the attendant came and offered us another drink and took our dinner orders. Come to find out though, they were not serving real dinners, but just small snacks. The choices were a 7 Layer Dip or Roast Beef Wrap. I opted for the 7 layer dip (somehow it seemed kind of fitting seeing I was coming back from a short stay in Mexico).

The serving of the 7 Layer Dip was tiny! It was served with a small bag of chips. The Roast Beef Wrap was just as small. Imagine a regular sized wrap and picture 1/4 or 1/3 of it. It was truly snack sized!

Service was fair during the "dinner" service, however after our evening snack was served and then cleared, the attendants seemed to disappear.

The entertainment was the same NBC episodes that we saw on the previous three flights. In today’s “on-demand” world, American has to update their entertainment offerings to give more choices, or at least provide a wider array of shows; maybe on the north to south show one episode, and on the south to north a different episode.

Arrival: We arrived on time and our bags, that were tagged priority were actually in the first batch of luggage to arrive on the belt. I love it when that actually happens!

Overall Impression Overall, our American flight from Miami to Toronto was comfortable and the service was decent, but my biggest complaint was the small snack that was offered. I anticipated a bigger meal, not just a tiny bowl of dip with chips. My other complaint is that they show the exact same episodes of shows on all the flights; four different flights on this trip and the same four episodes, plus a lot of NBC advertising. Boring!

Our rating for this American Airlines first/business class flight from Miami to Toronto is Almost Bombastic.

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Additional Information:
Flight Time: 3 Hours, 10 Minutes

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Airport Codes:
Miami – MIA
Toronto - YYZ

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