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American Airlines - Toronto (YYZ) to - Miami (MIA) Flight AA1497 - Business/First Flight Review

Nice, but not quite Bombastic

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Flight Information: American Airlines - Toronto (YYZ) to - Miami (MIA) Flight AA1497 - Business/First Class Flight Review

We took this 10:15 morning flight from Toronto to Miami for a connecting flight to Cancun, Mexico. We booked this Business Class flight on-line and selected our seats in advance as well. Flight time from Toronto to Miami was approximately 3 ½ hours.

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Check-In: Since this was an international flight we arrived at the airport two hours in advance. We were promptly checked in at the First Class counter by a real person. So often we are directed to a kiosk first, so this was a welcomed change!

It was a Sunday morning and it took us almost one hour from the time we arrived at the First Class counter to the time we passed through immigration, security and made our way to the lounge. On a week day, I would plan on spending additional time to accomplish this maze of lines. We did however, waste almost 10 minutes wandering aimlessly looking for the lounge. The directions we received from the check-in agent left out one key detail. (See our lounge review for details.)

The Lounge: Using our BA Gold card, we gained access to the American Airlines Admirals lounge. Click here to read our business class airline lounge review.

First Impressions: We went to the gate about 10 minutes prior to the posted boarding time. Once the plane was ready to board, the American staff boarded its First/Business class customers and priority members first. For us, this is always a bonus!

The Cabin: We boarded and found a very typical American Airlines plane decked out in blues, grays and a little trim of red. The plane was what appeared to be a newer 737 and had a configuration of four rows of 2x2.

The seat had a blanket waiting for us and had a TV screen on the wall in front of us (we had the front row seat).

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): Once the plane was loaded, the flight attendant came and took our jackets to hang them in the closet. Unlike most first/ business class flights, we were not offered anything to drink prior to departure.

After take-off, the attendant came and offered us a drink. We opted for the Champagne, ok, it was actually a California sparkling wine (Crane Lake Vineyards). At least it was chilled properly. It was served with a small bowl of mixed nuts. They ran out of the sparkling wine very early on in the flight. Apparently the flight had only been stocked with two small bottles. Not good planning considering the first/business class cabin was full.

Lunch orders were taken shortly thereafter. The options were Shrimp Salad or Beef Quesadilla. My husband and I both opted for the shrimp salad and I have to say we, were both quite impressed. It was served with very fresh greens, five big shrimp along with walnuts, blueberries, cheese and a raspberry vinaigrette. In a word… delicious!

Along with the salad we were served chips and cheese (mediocre tasting) and freshly baked cookies for dessert. Unfortunately, the cookies were over baked, making them hard and crispy.

We were also offered a white and red wine on this flight. I opted for the white wine, Corylus Pinot Grigio. It was a nice compliment to the salad.

During dinner the feature film Men in Black III started and kept us entertained for a good portion of the trip. After the movie we saw an episode of NBC’s The Office.

Service during lunch was very good, however after the lunch plates were cleared, we never saw the flight attendants unless we used the call buttons.

It seemed that their duty was to serve us lunch and then kick back and relax for the rest of the flight. Not impressive, and not why we chose to fly first/business class.

Arrival: Our arrival into Miami International was on-time, always a bonus.

Overall Impression Overall our flight from Toronto to Miami was quite good. It was nice to be in a newer plane and to have a very fresh, tasty salad. But the lack of service after the lunch, burnt cookies and running out of sparkling wine all give this American Airlines flight a rating of Almost Bombastic.

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Additional Information:
Flight Time: 3 Hours, 30 Minutes

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Airport Codes:
Toronto, Ontario – YYZ
Miami, Florida - MIA

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