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Cathay Pacific - Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) to Singapore (SIN) - Flight CX 713 - Business Class Flight

Nice, but just not Bombastic

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Flight Information: Cathay Pacific - Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) to Singapore (SIN) - Flight CX 713 - Business Class Flight Review

Cathay Pacific is the international flag carrier airline of Hong Kong. A founding member of OneWorld alliance, the main hub of this airline is located at Hong Kong International Airport.

We were taking this flight as part of our round the world (RTW) ticket. After a few days in Thailand (click here to see our Thailand reviews) we were off for a long weekend in Singapore (click here to see our Singapore reviews).

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Check-In: We checked in at the Cathay Pacific business class counter before heading to the lounge. The check-in process was quick and professional and we were on our way to the lounge within minutes.

The Lounge: You can read the review of the lounge here.

First Impressions: The staff called for the Business Class (there wasn’t a first class cabin on this flight) passengers to board first, which we did. However, we were barely greeted once on board. This attitude continued even during the time we were settling in. It always astonishes me as to how some attendants seem to care so little for their passengers.

The Cabin: The business cabin of this 777-300 airliner followed a 2x3x2 configuration in five rows. The blue and teal décor of the airplane’s interior was bright. I am sure they were hoping for a cheerful decor, but for me the teal carpet and blue chairs was more obnoxious than inviting. Agreed, the seats were comfortable, but with only a 20” seat width they were a far cry from the expansive 36” for first class seats on their long haul flights!

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): As soon as we were settled in we were offered newspapers and a drink. After take-off, the flight attendant handed out menus and took our drink orders.

We started our lunch with a glass of Billecart-Salmon Brut Champagne. Chilled just right, it added a nice touch to this short flight. We were served a prawn and vermicelli salad first. For the main course, there were two options, pan-fried black cod or barbecued duck red curry with steamed jasmine rice. I opted for the pan-fried black cod with dark vinegar pepper sauce, egg fried rice and sautéed vegetables. Though the presentation of the dishes was quite ordinary at best, the food tasted decent. We finished off lunch with a serving of Haagen-Dazs ice cream.

Arrival: We arrived in Singapore just about on time. It actually felt as if the flight took a lot more time than the actual 2 ½ hours. I think this was in part due to the spotty service, lack of much entertainment and mediocre food.

Overall Impression This business class flight from Thailand to Singapore was average at best. The service, presentation and limited entertainment options kept this flight from getting a Bombastic rating. Our rating for this Cathay Pacific flight is Almost Bombastic.

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Additional Information:
Flight Time: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Airport Codes:
Bangkok, Thailand – BKK
Singapore - SIN

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