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Emirates Airlines - Christchurch (CHC) to Dubai (DXB) - Flight EK413

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Emirates - Christchurch to Dubai - Flight EK413 - After hearing so much hype about the First Class Suites on Emirates A340-500 I just knew I had to try it and the flight from Christchurch to Dubai was just the flight to check it out. (Click here to read our New Zealand hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Dubai resort and restaurant reviews.)

My first complaint and yes, I have a couple, was that without the overhead storage areas there wasn't space to put my carry on bag (They took out the overhead bins to make more spacious). Yes, my carry-on was a little on the large side, but I never had any issues on any the other airlines.

As we had settled into our suites, we were offered the customary champagne (they serve Moet before the flight and Dom Perignon after the flight was in the air). One would think when you're flying First Class you could expect First Class service, amenities, seating and food/drinks. However it appears that Emirate Airlines is making a habit of cutting corners.

As this was a night flight I had asked the flight attendant for pajamas and luckily I asked early enough because they didn't have enough to go around. What a shame that the airline could not plan accordingly so that everyone was taken care of, again Emirates is cutting corners.

Service on the first sector of this flight was not at all what I would have expected from First Class on Emirates and it comes nowhere close to the service that Singapore Airlines offers.

With the exception of the window/wall that would not go all the way down between our seats (so my travel companion and I could easily talk), and the TV entertainment system that had to be reset multiple times the "suite" was bombastic. Yet, for all of the hype of this new design and the talk of the first-class suites, without the service, it doesn't really mean anything.

Overall, the flight on Emirates was nice. The dining experience was pleasant, the chairs reclining into the flat sleeping beds was nice, the service on the second sector the flight was much better than on the first sector. Yet, up pleasant nice and good service doesn't equal bombastic.

It all comes down to the same question, would I fly this airline again for my a flight from Christchurch to Dubai? The answer, probably not. Comparing this flight to the flight on Singapore Airlines, there is no comparison. Singapore Airlines is bombastic and Emirates on the other hand, just offered a comfortable and nice flight.

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