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Emirates Airlines - Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB) - Dubai, UAE (DXB) - Flight EK651- First Class Flight

Good, but not the level of service Emirates used to have

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Flight Information: Emirates Airlines - Colombo, Sri Lanka (CMB) - Dubai, UAE (DXB) - Flight EK651 - First Class Flight Review: The largest airline in the Middle East, Emirates is based out of Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A subsidiary of the Emirates Group, this airline is among the Top 10 carriers in the world when it comes to revenue and passenger miles.

When it came time to book our flight to Sri Lanka, Emirates offered the best flight times and was one of the few airlines to offer a first class option. Most airlines offer only business and economy configured planes to Colombo. This is our review of our return flight from Sri Lanka back to Dubai.

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Check-In: The check-in process was fast and easy. We used the first class check-in counter and the agent who attended to us was quick and pleasant.

The Lounge: We made use of the Araliya Lounge while we waited for our flight to be announced. Though it was not that special a place, at least we had a place to relax away from the crowd.

First Impressions: We have been on a slew of Emirates’ flights before and knew what to expect. They still have quite a young fleet and the airlines all tend to get quite similar.

There was no dedicated first class line for boarding. However, when we asked if we could board, the staff let us in the line. This way, we were able to board on time. Once on board, the cabin crew escorted us to our seats, made us feel at home and took our drink orders.

The Cabin: A Boeing 777-300ER, the cabin was done up in a light gray, blue and mauve color scheme. The seating configuration followed a pattern of 2x2x2 in two rows. The seats could be slid down to become sloped beds. A power socket, a huge TV and an in-flight entertainment system was present. There was enough space for carry-on luggage.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): The staff served Cuvee Dom Perignon 2002 the moment we were settled in. Unfortunately the Champagne was warm, which I find very typical for Emirates. However, by the time we took off they served us a second glass that had chilled.

The dinner service started soon after take-off. The menu offered a couple of appetizers, a Caesar salad and a number of options for the main course. Some of these were Crumbed Lamb Roulade served with rich mint sauce, Fish Marisata, Ginger chicken and Vegetable Biryani. Fresh bread from the bakery was also available. The desserts included strawberries and almond gateau served with fresh raspberry coulis and a cheese selection.

I ordered the Fish Marisata, a spicy Sri Lankan fish curry with locally grown chilies. The curry was delicious, fresh and nicely presented. A couple of red and white wines were also on offer.

The spirit range included Chivas Regal, Royal Salute, Glenfiddich 21 Years Old, Woodford Reserve, Hennessy Paradis, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire and Bacardi Superior while the liqueurs consisted of Bailey’s Irish Cream, Tia Maria, Drambuie and Cointreau.

After dinner I spent the rest of the flight flipping the channels of the massive TV and movie list. They had a great selection of shows and films to choose from. In my opinion, this is one of the best things Emirates Airlines has to offer.

Service during the meal and afterwards was at best fair. I remember there used to be a time when Emirates prided itself on service. Lately though they lack the little touches and attention that a first class customer is used to.

Arrival: We arrived in Dubai a few minutes ahead of schedule.

Overall Impression: The nice selection of TV shows and movies kept me occupied during the flight. However, the service was a big letdown; it just was not up to first class standards. Our review of this flight from Sri Lanka to is Almost Bombastic.

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Additional Information:
Flight Time: 4 hours 20 minutes

Airport Codes:
Colombo, Sri Lanka: CMB
Dubai, UAE: DXB

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