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Heli Air Monaco - Nice, France to Monte Carlo, Monaco

Fast and Effecient

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Heli Air Monaco - Nice to Monte Carlo: A helicopter airline based in Monaco, the Heli Air is a small operation but incredibly efficient. They offer chartered flights from Monaco to Nice, as well as a few other neighboring European destinations including Italy, Switzerland, the Alps, the French Riviera, and Corsica. (Click here to read our Nice hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Monte Carlo hotel and restaurant reviews.)

We landed in Nice, France as a gateway to our final destination, Monaco, Monte Carlo. Rather than drive or take the train, we booked a flight on Heli Air, a private airline as exclusive as Monaco itself. After arriving in Nice on Air France, we got our luggage and headed to the Heli Air counter (located just minutes from baggage arrival), presented our tickets, and were quickly, and I mean very quickly, checked in and shown to the waiting room.

The waiting room was small and rather unimpressive, almost insignificant. The space was large enough for only about eight to ten people. But this detail didn't matter much as within minutes, we were escorted through security and out to the van. The van drove us about five minutes to the landing pad of the helicopter. Once we boarded the aircraft, we took off within minutes.

Six minutes later we were on the ground in Monte Carlo. Again, we were whisked away
to a waiting van and delivered directly to our hotel. Now that’s what I call really fast service!

The return flight from Monte Carlo was pretty much as thorough and impressive. They picked us up at the hotel, escorted us through security, and boarded us to the helicopter and on to Nice. The whole trip, from hotel to the Nice Airport took under 30 minutes! Bombastic!

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