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United Airlines - Washington, DC (IAD) to Kuwait (KWI) First Class Flight UA 982

The First Class Flight was Lacking in Many Ways

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Flight Information: United Airlines – Washington, DC (IAD) to Kuwait (KWI) First Class Flight UA 982

United Airlines is the world’s largest airline in terms of number of destinations. A founding member of the Star Alliance, this airline has been rated the world’s most admired airline by Fortune magazine in 2012. This is my flight review of my first class flight from Washington, DC to Kuwait on United Airlines. (Click here to see our Washington, DC restaurant and hotel reviews. and click here to see our Kuwait restaurant reviews.)

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Check-In: I had already checked in since I was in transit and without enough time to make it to the lounge, I headed directly to the departure gate.

First Impressions: The aircraft was a newly renovated 777. The cabin had a fresh and pleasing look and was done up in nice shades of gray. I was greeted by a flight attendant upon boarding. Finally, I had gotten one of the updated United planes!

The Cabin: The cabin had a configuration of 1x2x1 in two rows. Hence there were only 8 seats as opposed to the older version that had 10 seats. Each seat had a VOD (video on demand) equipped with a large 15 inch screen. The VOD had a decent selection of movies and TV shows. The seating arrangement offered enough privacy. Also, the seats could be folded down to form a flat bed.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): I was served water and champagne shortly after being seated. Both were served in plastic cups, and both were warm. Not a great start to this first class flight

Soon after take-off, the staff handed me a towel to clean my hands and refresh my face. Drink orders were taken and I was offered some nuts to munch. After a long wait, my wine was delivered. One negative was that the flight attendant never showed me the bottle, so I could not be 100% sure that they were giving me what I had ordered. (Yes, it’s a bit of a pet peeve of mine, but I just like to see what I am actually being given.)

The menu featured an appetizer, soup, salad and dessert along with four different choices for the main course. (Click here to see the full United Airlines First Class menu)

I was served a jumbo lump crab cake with béarnaise sauce as an appetizer along with a bowl of red rock seafood bisque and a small salad. Both the crab cake and soup tasted nice and had pleasant flavors. However, the salad looked very old and wilted. Hence I didn’t even bother to touch it.

For the main course, I ordered the lamb korma with saag Kabul and dhal. This dish was served with rice. Sadly, the lamb was overcooked, dry and overall very unappealing. After picking at my main entree for a bit, I tried the Tiramisu for dessert, the less said the better. It was plain horrible. Also, even though the menu listed two reds and two whites, there was only one bottle of each wine to choose from. Really United, you call this First Class?

Before landing we were served a breakfast consisting of a fresh Season Fruit Plate with creamy yogurt. The fruits were horrible to say the least. However, service was better than what I had come to expect after flying First Class recently on other United Airlines flights. However, this airline still has a long way to go before they can even be compared to my favorites Singapore Air and Lufthansa.

Arrival: Our flight arrived in Kuwait on time. But, by the time I got through immigration and to the luggage belt, my bags were still not off the plane even though many bags from the flight had already been unloaded. I am not sure why they tag the First Class bags in the first place if they cannot make them a priority during unloading.

Overall Impression This first class flight from Washington to Kuwait was average at best. My rating for this United Airlines flight is Almost Bombastic mainly due to the newer cabin and slightly better service.

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Kuwait - KWI

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