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Eurorentlei Rent a Car - Lisbon, Portugal

If only all rentals could be this easy!

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Eurorentalei Rent a Car – Lisbon, Portugal While in Lisbon, Portugal, I was looking for a car rental agency to rent a car for a ten days and called a number of places.

The only place I could find that offered a reasonable price as well as delivery and pick-up was Eurorentlei Rent a Car. All it took was one short call and everything was arranged.

I was a bit skeptical that they would actually deliver as promised so I double checked with my hotel concierge to confirm they were a reputable company, they had just made it seem too easy. The concierge said, yes, Eurorentlei was really that good. At that point I put my faith in them (still a bit leary) and sure enough, two days later, right at 11 AM as discussed, the man from rental car agency delivered as promised.

Not only that, he made the paperwork process quick and easy without the pressure to buy the insurance. He offered it, I said “no” and he simply said “ok”. Simple!

When time came to return the car, I had the concierge (we were at a new hotel now) call and sure enough, an hour later they were there to retrieve the car. Perfect! Simple! Bombastic!

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