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Carry-On Expandable Suitcase, Helium Fusion Luggage Set by Delsey

The Last Luggage You'll Ever Need

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Carry-On Expandable Suitcase, Helium Fusion Luggage Set by Delsey: If you’re a frequent traveler, investing in a durable and dependable luggage is a must; faulty zippers, little space, heavy and uncomfortable bulk, and other potential luggage inconveniences can ruin any mood and make traveling a hassle. You don’t have to invest in the most expensive designer luggage (actually, designer bags will just give you a headache when you’re worrying all the time that handlers aren’t too careful with it, not to mention that it may attract too much attention, particularly, thieves). What you want is a rugged yet comfortable, stylish yet practical luggage set. For these reasons, I find the Carry-on Expandable Suitcase, Helium Fusion Luggage by Delsey (which is one in a set of three) an invaluable investment. Others included in the set are the 25” Expandable Upright and the 29” Expandable Upright, which I have reviewed separately.

Over the years, I have tried a lot of luggage sets. So far, the Helium Fusion Luggage Set by Delsey has been the most impressive. Although I have only had it for a few months, I already find it indispensable! I went with the Midnight Black set—the color helps to hide the dirt so they continue to look like new for a very long time. The only trouble is that it is harder to spot in a sea of luggage where black is a common color preference. Good thing this suitcase comes with an integrated name tag holder.

The Carry-on Expandable Suitcase is incredibly lightweight yet allows for so much space that it is close to miraculous. It is about the largest carry-on luggage that fits on most planes, yet you can collapse it to make it as convenient to carry as a tote—if you find that you don’t have too much to pack. The depth can be collapsed to as little as 2.5 inches and expanded to as much as 11 inches!

The Carry-on Helium Fusion Luggage is constructed with a durable fiberglass graphite frame, the same material used in tennis rackets and golf clubs; thus, you don’t have to worry about handlers tossing it around as it won’t wear and tear down that easily. What’s more, the graphite frame allows it to be significantly lighter than the average luggage, so it won’t weigh you down when you’re on the road, especially considering that it is a carry-on suitcase which you will inevitably have to lug around one time or another.

Besides its sturdiness and light weight, this luggage is also one of the easiest to clean as you can just wipe it with a wet cloth. This luggage has everything I require for comfortable luxury travel. I rate the Carry-on Expandable Suitcase Helium Fusion by Delsey, Fantastic Bombastic!

Below are the features and specifications of the luggage as provided by the manufacturer:

• Unbelievably lightweight and fully featured
• Depth is expandable by 2.5 inches (to 11 inches) to allow for additional packing space
• Recessed locking Trolley™ handle with easy access push button to lock and release
• Lightweight fiberglass graphite frame, the same material used in of golf clubs and tennis rackets
• Main material is constructed of durable 1800 Polyester with EVA foam backing
• Fully lined with suiter clip on main lid and tie down straps
• 4 pockets for easy storage and security
• Protected and recessed Velocity™ in-line skate wheels for an easy roll and long lasting service
• Molded polypropylene kickplate eliminates wear of stress points
• Tote-a-Long™ clip with adjustable webbing strap allows additional bags to be carried effortlessly
• Additional back pocket for last minute items
• Self repairing interlocking #10 nylon coil zippers on the main openings
• Integrated ID tag holder with cover. Accepts most business cards

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