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Samsonite 400 Series/Cruisair Hardside Spinner 29" Suitcase

Travel Made Easier through the Cruisair Hardside Spinner

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Samsonite 400 Series/Cruisair Hardside Spinner 29" (Unisex) – Black: Heavy luggage can be a cause of stress especially when you travel all the time. It is imperative to invest on a high-quality luggage for your comfort and peace of mind. One of the most problematic things you’ll encounter with the usual luggage is the wheels, which are often not very maneuverable after awhile. I was on a quest to find the right bag and I didn’t need to look further than a Samsonite store.

I have always relied on Samsonite when it comes to my travels. With their Samsonite 400 series, they have struck gold yet again with the 29” Cruisair Hardside Spinner. When I went into the store, I instantly fell in love with the black Cruisair. I tested it out and I was able to tow it with two wheels, and even horizontally through the ability of the wheels to move in multiple directions.

Another thing that I am very particular about is the safety of my luggage. I am always afraid that rough baggage handlers may toss around my luggage, and sometimes even ignore the “fragile” sticker. The salesman explained to me that the The Cruisair Hardside Spinner is armored with a pressure-formed shell made of strong ABS plastic, which is temperature resistant and impact-resistant.

Naturally, I was concerned about the security of my belongings. Some suitcases are easy to open and rely on padlocks that are bought separately. This item from the Samsonite 400 series has an integrated 3 point locking system that combines a key and combination lock system so that you’re security is ensured. Even if I am just carrying clothes, I still wouldn’t want anything stolen from me. After all, a trip can be a disaster without your favorite clothes.

I scanned around different stores aside from the Samsonite store. Other places where I looked that had the black Cruisair sold them at a cost ranging from $350-$400. This is a price I would willingly pay, especially for a luggage of its class. The Cruisair will definitely be of good use in a lot of travels to come.

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