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Samsonite Ultra 3000 XLT Expandable 26

The Samsonite Ultra 3000 XLT Expandable: The Traveler’s Best Friend

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Samsonite Ultra 3000 XLT Expandable 26" Luggage Upright: Carrying around our luggage is all part of traveling. I find it really difficult to estimate the size of the luggage I would have to bring because I really like to shop. At times, I would buy a new suitcase because it would no longer fit the one I brought. It’s great that Samsonite once again pulls it off with the Ultra 300 XLT expandable 26”.

I bought the 26” and tried it out when I left for Paris. It was really easy to bring it around because the wheels seemed to follow my every move smoothly. I had a hard time with my last suitcase because it wasn’t as maneuverable like this one.

Another great thing about this work of art is that it really is easy to access items inside the luggage. It made it really easy for me to organize my things, and have instant access whenever I needed to take something out.

The Samsonite Ultra 3000 XLT Expandable 26” has a rather large capacity. I was surprised at the number of things I was able to put into the suitcase. I was able to pack things that usually needed another suitcase. This time, I only needed the Ultra 300. I think the bell boy was surprised that I only had one piece of luggage considering the length of my stay.

Such a wonderful traveling companion would seem like such an expensive item. I was looking for something that was practical but not too expensive. I looked around different stores and even on the Net. The price range for the Ultra 300 XLT expandable 26” was roughly around $120-$150. I didn’t need to look any further because this is quite a steal for such a fabulous item.

My rating, bombastic.

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