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Easy & Express USA, Inc – Chinese Visa Agent

Easy and Quick as their Name Implies

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Easy & Express USA, Inc - Chinese Visa Agent: I was out of the United States when we booked a last minute trip to China. I went to the local Chinese Embassy only to find out I needed to get my Chinese visa from the United States.

Upon further research, I found that I had to have an actual person go to a Chinese Embassy or Consulate in the US as they did not accept mailed applications. This sounded odd to me, but being under the gun, I searched the web and found Easy & Express USA an agency that specializes in just this, getting Chinese visas.

It was a Sunday and I figured they were not open and gave a call and as I expected their office was closed. About twenty minutes later, I received a call from James Chen from Easy & Express asking if he could help me.

After a few minutes of explaining my circumstances, James ensured me he could help me out. He instructed me exactly what I needed to send and again said getting the visa back in time should not be a problem.

I gathered my information and sent it off via FedEx in hopes that he was right and that I would get my visa back in time.

A few days later James sent me an e-mail notifying me that he received my information and was off to the Chinese Embassy to deliver my application. The next day I sent James an e-mail looking for an update and he quickly replied; he would be receiving my visa the next day and would be sending it back to me. The next day, he sent me an e-mail with a FedEx tracking number letting me know my visa was on its way back.

James at Easy & Express did a great job of helping me out and he did what the company name implies; he made it easy and it was express.

Easy & Express is Bombastic!

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