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Jet Airways – Cochin, India (COK) - Kuwait (KWI) – Flight 9W 574

1st Class Service, 1st Class Experience

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Flight Information: Jet Airways – Cochin, India (COK) - Kuwait (KWI) – Flight 9W 574

Our return flight to Kuwait from Cochin was our second time to fly with Jet Airways. Our first time (from Kuwait to Cochin) was a relatively pleasant experience so we were expecting it would be more or less the same with this flight. Once again, we were booked in the Premiere class, which was extremely affordable and worth every penny. (Click here to read our Cochin hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Kuwait hotel and restaurant reviews.)

Check-In: Jet Airways in Cochin did not have a dedicated check-in counter for their Premiere Class passengers, unlike in Kuwait. Instead, the counter was shared with other airlines, and this made the lines really long. The service at the counter was infuriatingly slow. On top of that, the person behind the counter called out passengers’ names out of order. Why, I am not sure. It seemed as if certain airlines took precedence over other airlines. Needless to say, check-in here took much longer than it did on the first flight from Kuwait to Cochin.

The Lounge: Jet Airways in Cochin did not offer lounge access even to their Premiere class passengers. Even if they did, the long time it took to check-in would give you no time to lounge around anyhow.

First Impressions: As we had flown Jet Airways a week earlier, we knew what to expect: a clean, up-to-date, like-new aircraft, and we were not disappointed; that is just what we got.

The Cabin: Again, we rode a Boeing 737-800, which looked like a new aircraft model. The seat configuration was an already familiar 2 x 2, affixed in six rows. The cabin was fresh, new and almost spacious. As I mentioned in my previous Jet Airways review, what I found annoying about the cabin was that the seats did not recline all the way and the TV screen was oddly placed in the armrest, making it very inconvenient for me.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): Before we took off, the flight attendants went around and offered us socks, which I think was a nice and thoughtful gesture. Shortly after, they came back and offered us a wet cloth to refresh ourselves and something to drink (options included: water, coconut milk or sweet lime juice). They then brought us the menu and took our breakfast orders. Breakfast consisted of omelet, muffins, fresh fruit, coffee and juice. The food was of great quality and was served on beautiful china.

Shortly after take-off, the crew sprang into action and started their in-flight service. They offered us nice pillows and blankets, which felt very new and luxurious enough to sleep soundly in; although, sleeping soundly may be quite impossible with those seats. As I mentioned, their seats did not recline fully. For a long flight, this was more than a minor nuisance.

The service on this flight, however, almost made me forget about the awkward seats. They were attentive, friendly, and just perfect! It was a far cry from the cold and spotty service of the Kuwait to Cochin crew.

Arrival: We landed in Kuwait on time and efficiently went through the luggage check out and immigration. We had arranged for a car and driver to pick us up. The whole process from the landing to the pickup was convenient and trouble-free.

Overall Impression Jet Airways is a gem of an airline. Even though the seats were not the most comfortable and the TV screen was inconveniently placed on the armrest, the service and the presentation on this flight was beyond perfect. For the price, you simply cannot go wrong! Overall, I give Jet Airways a rating of Bombastic for the flight from Cochin to Kuwait.

Additional Information:
Flight Time: 4 Hours, 45 Minutes

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Airport Codes:
Cochin – COK
Kuwait - KWI

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