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Kuwait restaurants range from simple eats to high-end dining. Kuwait, once the Paris of the Middle East, is still home to luxury hotels, and there are a plethora of restaurants in Kuwait. Regardless of your taste, Indian, Sushi, Italian, Lebanese, Moroccan, Burgers, Pizza or anything other cuisine, you'll find a Kuwait restaurant of your liking and then you can decide what is the best restaurant in Kuwait.

Below are some of my favorite (and not so favorite) restaurants in Kuwait. Some of them are among the best restaurants in Kuwait, others are good and still others just plain lacking. Read our Kuwait restaurantreviews and see what we consider the best restaurants in Kuwait.

While we cannot list all the restaurants in Kuwait we will give you a good overview of the best Kuwait restaurants. We have reviews for Kuwait restaurants at Mall 360, Marina Crescent, The Villages, Avenues Mall, Spoons plus many other places in Kuwait.

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Reviews by City

Other - Check here for restaurants not in Salmiya. We'll be creating sections for 360, Shaab, Avenues and other areas in the coming weeks. Enjoy our Kuwait restaurant reviews and please be share our site with your family and friends. Read More

Salmiya - Salmiya is the happening place in Kuwait. Restaurants, cafes and coffee shops abound in Salmiya. Marina Crescent and Marina Mall are two of the busiest places. Just try to find parking on a beautiful spring or fall day and you'll know what we are talking about!

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Shaab - The neighborhood of Shaab is located near Salmiya along the Gulf Road. Home to many apartments, there is a slew of small restaurants and cafes. A few of our favorite restaurants in Shaab, Kuwait are Edo and Osaka sushi restaurants. Read More

Sharq - Sharq is a neighborhood of Kuwait City. It is a thriving business district and contains many notable hotels and now tons of small little restaurants. Read More

Reviews from cities other than the above

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We were quoted 6-8 weeks for our move from Kuwait to Toronto. Our shipment ended up taking over six months to arrive. The service we received from Crown was inexcusable. More details to come, but if you are thinking of using Crown Relocations for your move to or from Kuwait, I would...