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Jet Airways – Kuwait (KWI) to Cochin, India (COK) – Flight 9W 573

Surprisingly Great

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Flight Information: Jet Airways – Kuwait (KWI) to Cochin, India (COK) – Flight 9W 573: We only booked with Jet Airways because it was the only airline offering direct flights from Kuwait to Cochin, India and back. My travel partner and I never tried this airline before, or even heard much about it, so we were not expecting much. Furthermore, their Premiere Class was relatively and shockingly cheap so we had the impression that this was probably far from being a luxury airline. (Click here to read our Kuwait hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Cochin hotel and restaurant reviews.)

Check-In: Our check-in at the Kuwait airport was fast and efficient. They had a dedicated Premiere Class counter and the agent was friendly and fast. It was a surprisingly quick process!

First Impressions: As I mentioned, this was my first time flying on Jet Airways and I expected it to be a plain, ordinary, run of the mill, charter plane. What I discovered was quite the opposite. It looked like a brand new plane; it actually looked nicer than some major carriers that I have been on in the past.

The Cabin: Our aircraft was a Boeing 737-800, a stretched version of the 737-700 model. Inside, it was very well maintained; the moment we entered, we were pleasantly greeted by the attendants and the cabin’s fresh scent. The interior looked spanking clean and new, and seemed almost spacious. The Premiere Class had a 2x2 seat configuration with six rows. It was just about perfect except for two slightly major annoyances: the seats did not recline all the way and the TV screen was located in the armrest.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): At the start, the service on the flight was good. The flight attendants were very warm and accommodating. Shortly after takeoff, they went around giving out menus and taking our drink orders. After the first drinks, however, it took a lot of time to actually get anything.
For the rest of the flight, the service was inconsistent. Most of the flight attendants made us feel like we were a bother to them.

Dinner was a small portion of chicken curry, salad and a chocolate cake that was as fresh you could get on an airplane. They did the presentation nicely, setting up expensive-looking china and luxurious linens. I really felt like I was flying first class. For a low cost carrier, their presentation and menu ranks right up there with the best airlines.

To our dismay, however, two hours into the flight (with still over two hours to go) they announced that they were closing the bar. They didn’t even give us a reason why they were closing. I found it very odd that they would stop serving halfway through the flight. This was not up to standard, especially flying in their Premiere class.

Arrival: Our arrival into Cochin was on-time and since it was a small airport, it was quick to get our bags and go through immigration. We had a car and driver waiting for us to take us to the Taj Malabar. It could not have been any easier.

Overall Impression I was amazed with the quality of the airplane, the presentation, the food and drink menu, and the luxurious linens, blanket and pillows; they defied all expectations that I had of a low-cost liner. But then, I also have to factor in their poor service, which was cold and spotty. Overall, I rate this flight somewhere between bombastic and not. With that said, if I had the chance to book this flight again, I would do it without any hesitation.

Additional Information:
Flight Time: 4 Hours, 55 Minutes

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Airport Codes:
Cochin – COK
Kuwait - KWI

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