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US Airways – Detroit (DTW) to Phoenix (PHX), Flight US 662

Nice Flight but Lacked Entertainment System

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Flight Information: US Airways – Detroit (DTW) to Phoenix (PHX), Flight US 662. We booked our first class ticket from Detroit to Phoenix on the US Airways website and at the same time booked our first class seats. Having flown US Airways before, I was almost looking forward to this 4+ hour flight. (Click here to read our Detroit hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Phoenix hotel and restaurant reviews.)

Check-In: We checked in on-line, but were unable to print off our boarding passes so when we go to the North Terminal at the Detroit International Airport we headed over to the US Airways first class counter to get our boarding passes and drop off our luggage. The US Air agent that was working the 1st class counter was busy with another passenger so we used the self-check in kiosk.

We quickly completed retrieved our boarding passes and dropped off our luggage and headed over to security. The first-class priority line at the North Terminal stops at 10AM so we had to go through the main security line, which luckily only took about ten minutes.

The Lounge: There was no US Airways lounge available for us to use at Detroit’s North Terminal.

First Impressions: US Airways started boarding exactly on time and after those needing assistance and families (with children under 5) boarded, they let the first class passengers board. It was one of the most orderly boardings we have seen.

The Cabin: The first class cabin of the Airbus A319 had three rows of a 2 x 2 configuration. The out-dated looking, blue, first class seats reclined a bit and offered ample leg room, but I would not have wanted to fly much further than the 4+ hours the flight was scheduled.

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): While the plane was being boarded, the US Airways flight attendants saw to it that everyone in first class had something to drink. We left a few minutes early and once we were in the air, drinks, chips and crackers were served and lunch orders taken.

Our lunch options were either a grilled chicken sandwich with pasta salad or a grilled chicken salad. The wine available on this US Air flight was Dona Dominga Cabernet Sauvignon, Hayes Ranch Chardonnay and Arroyho Seco Turning Leaf Merlot. We had the grilled chicken sandwich which was average tasting, the pasta salad was dull and tasteless.

After lunch, we were offered warm chocolate brownies, fresh out of the oven. This little touch is something I always look forward to when flying first class on US Air.

Arrival: We arrived a few minutes early and our bags were some of the first to arrive on the luggage carousel. I like it when the priority tag they use actually work!

Overall Impression: Our US Airways flight from Detroit to Phoenix was comfortable and hassle free, and the four plus hours flight gave me ample time to do some work, but it would have been nice if the plane had an entertainment system and if the seats reclined more. Our rating for this US Airways flight US 662 is between bombastic and not.

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Additional Information:
Flight Time: 4 Hours, 20 Minutes

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Airport Codes:
Detroit - DTW
Phoenix - PHX

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