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Kuwait International Airport - Pearl Lounge[Airline Lounge Reviews]

Nothing Special, but Better than the Public Waiting Areas

Pearl Lounge at Kuwait Airport – Kuwait : The Pearl Lounge is one of the two airport lounges located at the Kuwait International Airport. The Pearl Lounge, which was recently remodeled, is a collaboration project between Crowne Plaza Kuwait and National Aviation...

Eagle Creek 'No Matter What' Medium Folding Duffle Bag[Luggage]

Perfect as a spare or every day duffle bag.

The “No Matter What” Medium Folding Duffle Bag from Eagle Creek is the perfect duffle bag for frequent travelers. Made from Eagle Creek's 100-percent recycled e Series fabric, this folding duffle bag is available in four colors, black, cypress green, pacific blue and red...

Thai Airways - First Class Lounge - Bangkok, Thailand[Airline Lounge Reviews]

Perfection from a leader in first class travel

Thai Airways First Class Lounge – Bangkok, Thailand: The Thai Airways lounge, located at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, is a first class lounge designed to serve the needs and comfort of business and VIP class passengers. The Thai Airways first class lounge...

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge - Detroit, MI[Airline Lounge Reviews]

A Quiet Respite

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge - Detroit (DTW), MI - The Lufthansa Business Class Lounge at Detroit International Airport is located between gates 7 & 8 in the North Terminal. This nonsmoking lounge is open from 5:00 am to 6:30 pm Monday through Sunday and is available to s...

Michael Pozzan Knights Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 [Wine]

A Great Wine for Starting Wine Enthusiasts

It was a normal Friday night and I was working at the wine bar, when a couple came in who had already had dinner. They were looking for possibly dessert or a cheese plate, but mainly a bottle of wine. Easy enough for me to satisfy their needs, I handed them our wine list, and told them I...

Adidas Striker Large Duffel Bag[Luggage]

Good for what it was designed for, but no good as a checked bag.

The Adidas Striker Large Duffel bag with a dimension of 30.5" x 14.5" x 13.5" uses the unique FreshPAK technology to inhibit odour-causing bacteria. This duffel bag has a large main compartment with multiple zip pockets and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap. This duffel bag

Urban Uco Malbec - 2010 [Wine]

Dark Fruit Taste, Bombastic

On a long weekend in New York City, my first stop was completely by accident, but a nice surprise- acclaimed Chef Bobby Flay's Bar Americain, located in the heart of mid-town. We went to the restaurant with the thought that we would be paying an arm and a leg, just for the location and the...

Weight Guard – Luggage Scale[Luggage]

Cheap, accurate and portable

Weight Guard - Luggage Scale Sporting an easy to read gauge, a small hook to hang your luggage with, and a handle to hold it up, the Weight Guard – Luggage scale is very simple to use and takes up very little space. Especially with all the luggage restrictions airlines imp...

Gulf Air Lounge at Dubai International Airport - Dubai, UAE[Airline Lounge Reviews]

Comfortable but Nothing to make it Bombastic

Gulf Air Lounge at Dubai International Airport - Dubai, UAE: The Gulf Air Lounge at Dubai International Airport is located next to gate 122. Supervised by a ground hostess, this lounge is available to both Gulf Air Silver card and Gold card Frequent Flyers regardless of cabi...

Delta Air Lines - Detroit, MI (DTW) to Las Vegas, NV (LAS) - Flight 2317 - First Class[Airline Flight Reviews]

Comfortable flight with attentive service

Flight Information: Delta Air Lines - Detroit, MI (DTW) to Las Vegas, NV (LAS) - Flight 2317 - First Class A founding member of the SkyTeam alliance, Delta Air Lines is the world's largest airline operating under a single certificate. With an extensive domestic and internationa...