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KLM - Muscat, Oman (MCT) to Kuwait (KWI) - Flight KL 0460

Great Service from Muscat to Kuwait

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KLM Flight KL 0460 – Muscat, Oman (MCT) to Kuwait (KWI)): When searching for a flight out of Muscat to Kuwait, we found out that there was a KLM/Northwest flight that flew directly without any stopovers in Dubai, Qatar or Bahrain. For the sake of convenience and a shorter travel time, we booked this flight (flight time for this flight from Muscat, Oman to Kuwait was 1 hour and 50 minutes). (Click here to read our Oman hotel and restaurant reviews and click here to read our Kuwait hotel and restaurant reviews.)

Check-In: Check-in at the Muscat airport was simple, they have a dedicated Business Class check-in so there was a very short wait and then we were up next, which was the way a check-in for this class should be. Airlines should remember that people get Business Class seats for convenience and speed!

First Impressions: Having flown KLM before (and most recently on the flight from Kuwait to Muscat a few days earlier) I knew what to expect: no frills Business Class. Thankfully, the flight crew on this plane was a world apart from our previous flight which was quite rude!

The Cabin: The seat configuration of this A330-203 is three rows of 2x2x2 in the first business cabin and two rows of 2x2x2 in the second business cabin. As I mentioned in my previous review, the seats were quite deceptive because they were called “lie-flat,” when in actuality, they lie only at an angle, and as I said, I wouldn’t want to sit in these types of seats if it were a long flight because I always seem to slide down!

The Flight (Service/Food/Drink): From the time we boarded until the time we left, service on this flight was truly amazing! It was completely different than the flight from Kuwait to Muscat that we had taken a few days earlier, which most definitely is a good thing. Although, I had to sympathize with the Kuwait to Muscat crew because I presume part of the reason they looked deflated and unenthusiastic was that they started in Amsterdam and then went on to Kuwait before heading on to Muscat. So understandably, by the time they did that flight, it was the end of a very, very long day and they were exhausted. On this flight, it was just the start of their shift (the flight would stop in Kuwait and then continue on to Amsterdam).

Regardless, the crew on this flight was simply amazing, especially Gabby, the flight attendant who we were lucky enough to have taken care of us.

The food was delicious and exactly what I expected from KLM. We had a Garden Salad, asparagus spears, capsicum medley, aubergine, tomatoes and Mozzarella cheese and Thai stir-fried beef with spring onions and noodles for our main dish. For dessert, we had a thick chocolate cake that was too dry for my liking, but the Jonge Bols that our attendant Gabby introduced me to, more than made up for a lackluster chocolate cake.

For those unfamiliar with it, Jonge Bols is one of the finest young genevers of Holland. It is twice distilled from 100% pure grain and made up of various ingredients such as, angelica root, aniseed, ginger root, apricot nuts, learwyt seed, etc. Jonge Bols has an alcohol percentage of 35% and is transparent. It is best when chilled in a refrigerator before it’s drank pure out of a shot glass, or, as preferred in Holland, a tulip glass. Quite a unique alcohol experience!

The extensive KLM wine menu featured South American wines this month and offered two whites (Sauvignon Blanc 2007, Finca La Colonia from Argentina and Chardonnay Classic 2006, Casa Lapostolle from Chile), two reds (Cabernet Sauvignon 2006, Equus from Chile and Norton Privada 2005 from Argentina); a desert wine (Norton Dulce Natural 2007 from Argentina) as well as a 2000 Taylor’s Port.

Arrival: Our arrival in Kuwait was on-time but there was an almost 30 minute delay in getting our bags. However, this was really not the airline’s fault as this happens on almost every carrier that flies into Kuwait. Basically, it’s an airport issue, not an airline issue. Add to that nuisance is the long lines at immigration and it’s quite easy to see that the Kuwait Airport has some areas for improvement.

Overall Impression This flight from Oman to Kuwait had a few things positive going for it: a great crew, good food, a nice wine selection and a quick and hassle-free direct flight. Based on these things, I would rate this flight Bombastic. However, had it been a long flight, the chairs and entertainment system would keep it from reaching that level. But for a two hour flight, you can’t go wrong with KLM!

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