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Koreais a territory that is located in East Asia. Having seen spells of unifications and divides, being ruled over by Japan, suffering Cold Wars; Korea has overtime changed drastically. Known formerly as the ’Hermit Kingdom’, this lands burst with hidden secrets and is a potpourri of Mongolian culture infused with Arab influence because of trade. With gorgeous landscapes, mind-blowing architecture and cuisine, the ancient magic of Korea is brought into the luxuries of the new world creating a tourist destination filled with unlimited possibilities!

Korea offers you a multitude of choices of restaurants, luxury hotels etc for your pleasure and enjoyment. Come to us for in-depth, personal and explanatory restaurant reviews, to know more about the luxury hotels in Korea and for the scoop on the best restaurants in Korea, for food varying from a quick and savory snack to a delectable meal in courses, the best place for a glass of rich soju, the perfect jaunt for a night-out of good food and relaxing ambience, for the hidden restaurants offering the traditional cuisine of Korea, the best deals for your stay, what to miss and what not to miss; we have it all here for you right from the horse’s mouth(or in our case the horse’s ‘hands’ since we have it listed down for you!). Our reviews are what you can trust as they come out of not hear-say, but real experience.

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Jeju, Korea

JeJu Island - Jeju Island is a volcanic island located off the south western tip of Korea. Jeju is home to The Shilla Jeju, a five-star resort popular with Koreans for the mainland who flock here to take advantage of the quiet and relation this remote island has to offer. Read More

Seoul, Korea

Seoul - Often referred to as “Little Tokyo”, Seoul, the capital of Korea is home to number luxury, five-star hotels and countless restaurants. During my visit to Seoul, I visited four luxury hotels; the Banyan Tree Hotel, Club and Spa Seoul; the W Hotel Seoul, The Ritz Carlton Seoul and the Sheraton Hotel Incheon, as well as a variety of restaurants and cuisines; Italian, Japanese and Asian Fusion. You can read our five-star and luxury hotel reviews and Seoul restaurant reviews below. Read More