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France Five Star and Luxury Hotel Reviews France Restaurant Reviews

According to a professional trip advisor, France is the home of countless luxury hotels and five star hotels and amazing cities like Paris, Nice and Avignon, and is the perect place for anyone that loves life.

Dining at cafes, visiting museums, tasting wine, eating at great restaurants and staying at boutique hotels are just a few of the many things that to do in Paris, Nice, Avignon and really anywhere in France.

Check out our five-star and luxury trip advisor hotel and restaurant reviews below.

Reviews by City

Avignon, France

Avignon - Best known for its fairy-tale Pont St-Benezet Bridge, Avignon, France is at the epicenter of Provence region’s understated yet elegant charm. It is a treasure trove of art, architecture (with splendid palaces and fortresses lining up its majestic landscape) and religion. From getting the world to congregate at its annual performing arts festival to playing surrogate care-taker to thousands of students who grace its well-known universities, Avignon multitasks with aplomb. The vivacious city Read More

Nice, France

Nice - Nice, France is definitely more quintessentially French that even Paris with its stylish cobbled shores, its magnificent erstwhile ruins and an array of art galleries and museums. From exploring its charming old town region and fascinating antique markets to walking aimlessly around its vibrant flower streets and powerful aroma emitting gastronomy zones, Nice has plenty to offer its visitors. There are trendy bars, nice family-run French eateries serving lip-smacking fare and swanky night clubs Read More

Paris, France

Paris - Paris. The city of lights is what I like to call, Paris, restaurant heaven! The sheer number of Paris restaurant hotspots and must dine at is mind blowing. We visit Paris as often as we can so we can visit a Paris restaurant and write a Paris restaurant review as well as luxury Paris hotels so we can write a Paris hotel review.
When it comes to a Paris restaurant, a few of my favorites for high-end, five star dining are Guy Savoy and Le Cing (located at George V. F Read More

Reims, France

Reims - Reims, France is not in-your-face attractive like most other French towns; however take time to explore its unconventional charm and you may be delighted with the results. The Champagne-Ardenne located city resurrected from the devastation of the First World War with its spirit intact and has today evolved into a fascinating town of art, culture, history and religion, which is evident in its many palaces, cathedrals, basilicas and chapels. The historical legacy apart, Reims is also a leading pro Read More