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Vietnam Five Star and Luxury Hotel Reviews Vietnam Restaurant Reviews

Vietnam is the easternmost country located on the Indochina Peninsula in South East Asia. This country emerging from the reminiscent of a long war is bursting with opportunities of economic growth. Tourism is a forte that is promoted well in Vietnam. Hospitable people, breathtaking landscapes, exotic cuisine and culture and more makes Vietnam a perfect place for a holiday.

Vietnam offers you a multitude of choices of restaurants, luxury hotels, etc. for your pleasure and enjoyment. Come to us for in-depth, personal and explanatory restaurant reviews, to know more about the luxury hotels in Vietnam and for the scoop on the best restaurants in Vietnam, for food varying from a quick and savory snack to a delectable meal in courses, the best place for a glass the local rice liquor, the perfect jaunt for a night-out of good food and relaxing ambiance, for the hidden restaurants offering the traditional cuisine of Vietnam, the best deals for your stay, what to miss and what not to miss; we have it all here for you right from the horse’s mouth(or in our case the horse’s ‘hands’ since we have it listed down for you!). Also, you can search Expedia for a list of hotel prices. Our reviews are what you can trust as they come out of not hear-say, but from the real experience of our reviewers.

Reviews by City

InterContinental Hanoi

Hanoi - Beautiful and busy, Hanoi is a must visit when in Vietnam. Read More

Ho Chi Minh City - Ho Chi Minh City is a bustling city full of life, chic restaurants, luxury hotels and designer shops. Read More

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An (near Da Nang) - Hoi An luxury resort reviews. Read More

Six Senses Resort near Nha Trang

Nha Trang - Nha Trang: Located in the South Central Coast of Vietnam, Nha Trang is famous for its pristine beaches and scuba diving offers and is claimed to have some of the world’s most beautiful bays. A popular tourist destination of Vietnam, the city is famous for its Sea Festival, water sports and the choice of sea food offered in its local cuisine. From mouth watering cuisine to stunning beach restaurants and hotels, Nha Trang has the best offers for a great coastal holiday. Read More