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Goldener Hirsch - Salzburg, Austria

History and Class in this Luxury Hotel


Goldener Hirsch - Salzburg, Austria: Salzburg is famous for its heritage and Old World feel, owing much to its architecture, culture and Alpine village look. Aside from being world renown for its role as setting in the Sound of Music, Salzburg is also home to the Goldener Hirsch, a hotel whose structure was initially constructed in the 1400's. Today, the Goldener Hirsch stands as one of the capital city's most beautiful hotels and tourist attractions.

We spent the first half of our stay in Salzburg over at the Goldener Hirsch. This gorgeous hotel had excellent service and a concierge that arranged for all our transportation and sight-seeing needs. Housekeeping was relatively invisible, and our room always seemed to be made up whenever we entered it during the middle of the day and after dinner.

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Our room had a fantastic view of the old town, and as our usual test for service we ordered room service for breakfast. Our server was gracious and properly set our dining area before leaving, and we proceeded to have one of the best German breakfasts we've had in a long time consisting of bread, a tray of cheese, some cold cuts and muesli among others.

The hotel's great service, food, fantastic room and dedication to keeping the great Austrian tradition alive make me give this a rating of Bombastic.

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