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Le Méridien Hotel Vienna - Austria

Chic, Trendy and Bombastic


Le Meridien - Vienna, Austria: It's been said time and time again that a business success is due in no small part to its location. Even the best rated restaurant or hotel in the world would be a stumbling failure if it were placed in an inappropriate location. Thankfully, Le Meridien in Vienna satisfies that crucial element of a successful business: it's right in the Ring itself, and just a stone's throw away from the Opera House!

The hotel's plain exterior doesn't do justice to its ultra modern and curiously modern interior. Le Meridien is a hotel lined wall to wall with a minimalist aesthetic, meaning instead of a regal lobby with gilded chandeliers, you're treated to an unorthodox feast of modish furniture and futuristic, funky designs. It's certainly a change of pace from your usual hotel!

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We had a nice big suite with the most unusual bathroom: it didn't have a shower door! This unconventional twist in the bath area made it a bit of a struggle not to have water splashing about on the bathroom floor, but we were able to manage. The bathroom itself was expansive and had a type of sterility that you'd expect from a futuristically designed one.

Room service and housekeeping were excellent, although asking to have your room made more than once a day required a premium to be paid. The mini-bar had an assortment of complimentary beverages that were refilled each day, which I found to be a nice touch.

I'm giving this hotel a Bombastic rating for its edgy design and their go-the-extra-mile service.

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