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Bushido Japanese Restaurant - Bahrain

Super Chic, Super Good Sushi and Sashimi


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Bushido Japanese Restaurant - Bahrain: Bushido is a Japanese restaurant located in the Seef area of Manama, Bahrain. Awarded the Best Japanese Restaurant in 2011 by TimeOut Bahrain Awards, Bushido serves great food in a chic and contemporary atmosphere. Reservations are a must on weekends as this restaurant is famous for sushi in Bahrain.

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Bushido literally means “Way of the Warrior”, the code of conduct of the Samurai Warriors. This theme is reflected in every aspect of this restaurants décor, right from the Samurai armors and statues on display to the richly colored and patterned chair upholsteries. Chandeliers made up of traditional lanterns adorn the red ceiling. The main restaurant located on the ground floor offers excellent views of the lagoon. A sushi bar, Teppanyaki room, and terrace make up the rest of this restaurant. A small moat and landscaped gardens add to this restaurant’s charm. A DJ plays many evenings and especially on the weekends.

We were at Bushido on a Sunday. Though there was no DJ at that time, lounge music was playing in the background. This restaurant is akin to the Buddha Bar restaurants (actually when it first opened as a Buddha Bar), right from the type of lounge music to the chic and lovely interiors. The menu offered a variety of sushi, sashimi, rolls and sushi along with soups, appetizers, tempura, salads, rice, noodles and desserts. Another interesting section on the menu was the robata grill. These consisted of appetizer sized dishes cooked on open flame barbeque with Japanese charcoal. The main course had regular classics along with a nice selection of charcoal grill and international dishes.

The Bushido menu also mentions “Bluefin Tuna is threatened. Concerned about saving the Earth’s fragile balance, our restaurant is committed to the ban on Bluefin Tuna and has taken it off this menu”. The wine list offered a nice selection of sake and champagne along with white, red, rose and dessert wines.

We tasted a variety of great tasting sushi and sashimi. As these were served on a sharing basis, my partner and I were able to taste a wide variety of their dishes. One special dish was the Chili Yellowtail with Spicy Ponzu Sauce for its neat twist on an old favorite. However, the modern Volcano Sushi just didn’t seem to hit the spot.

Service at Bushido was good, but the restaurant levies a 15% service charge. Overall, Bushido is a must visit when in Bahrain. The prices were high, but for great Japanese food and drinks in this part of the world, this is to be expected. Our rating for Bushido is Bombastic.

What I liked: The super good food and the chic atmosphere

What I didn’t like: Nothing much

Rating: Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Seef Area,
Near the Ritz-Carlton Hotel & Spa,
Manama, Bahrain
Phone: +973 17583555
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