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Café Italia - Adliya, Bahrain - Restaurant Review

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Café Italia - Manama, Bahrain: Mysterious Bahrain is home to all sorts of exotic hangouts, watering holes and upscale restaurants. One of the great finds in this curious part of the Eastern Continent is Café Italia, which sports a modern and trendy, seemingly open air atmosphere. Certainly, grabbing a bite of Italian in the Middle East is a curiosity in itself!

We entered what looked like a remodeled factory/warehouse cum upscale New York restaurant, what with its tall walls and high ceiling that give you the impression of a spacious atmosphere. One gets immediately drawn to the chic glass walled staircase that leads to the second floor dining area. I also appreciated the detail of the chairs, which were a combination of upholstered wood with white cushions and clear plastic chairs with brown cushions. Definitely an interior decorator's dream!

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Since we arrived on time, we were brought to our table and handed an extensive menu that included various Italian delicacies. Before we embarked on sampling the mouth watering dishes included in the restaurant's menu, we decided to order starters. We had a serving of clam linguini, which was decent but definitely not the best I have tasted! It was mediocre at best.

For our main course, I ordered the fillet with mashed and brown sauce. This dish did not let me down, as it was a delicious, melt-in-my-mouth experience. It was extremely tender, and exhibited a familiar taste and texture while adding a dash of the restaurant's unique Italian touch. We also had braised veal shank, which was delicious as well.

After that hefty meal, we ordered a warm chocolate tart that was oozing with rich chocolate filling and a cup of vanilla ice cream. Though their wine list wasn't extraordinary, the presentation of the wine was very impressive; our server decanted and handled it with sterling precision. This quality of service was consistent throughout our entire dinner, and our servers appeared to be attentive to our requests without being over-bearing.

As a restaurant that has given me one of the best meals in Bahrain, I'm giving Café Italia a rating of Bombastic.

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