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Coco's Cafe - Adliya, Bahrain

Supposedly Good Reputation, but Not Bombastic for Us


Restaurant Category : Cafe, International

Coco Café in Adliya, Bahrain is located between Zoe and Café Lilou. A popular hangout place for both locals and expats alike, Coco’s is known for its tasty, yet reasonably priced food.

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A small villa-style restaurant, Coco in Bahrain has an ethnic Parisian interior. This restaurant has two small dining rooms inside, a seating area outside and an alfresco terrace. The indoor dining area is furnished with about 10 wooden tables. The outdoor dining space has pebbled flooring and is beautifully arranged with parasols and sun chairs.

We visited Coco Bahrain for breakfast on a sunny day. Since this restaurant did not have a sign out front, it took us some time to find it. Upon arrival, we found that the entrance to Coco Bahrain has #104 out front. But after a visit here, we decided it really wasn’t worth the hassle it took us to find this place.

We decided to sit indoors as it was way too hot to sit out in the patio. We had to wait around for a table as the place was crowded. We were handed the menu after we were settled in. The menu at Coco Bahrain was quite extensive and included a variety of omelets, sandwiches, burgers, soups, jacket potatoes, salads, pasta, fresh juices, desserts and Chef’s Specials. It really took us some time to decide what to order. My friend ordered the Greek omelet. As I was in the mood for something “lunchy”, I decided to order the Beef Stroganoff. However, I was told that they would not be serving this dish for another 10 minutes (we ordered at 11:20 and the lunch menu didn’t start until 11:30). I told the waitress that this was fine with me as I was prepared to wait.

My friend was served his Greek omelet at around 11:30. The omelet though was burned and unappealing looking. After waiting 30 minutes for my order, I inquired about its status. To my surprise, I was informed that the waitress had forgotten to put my order in. Shortly after noon, my order was served. I asked whether it would be free as I had to wait for more than 50 minutes. Again, to my surprise, the waitress answered in the negative and also added that it was my fault!!! I found it hard to believe that not only did she not offer to take it off our bill, but she actually put the blame on me!

Needless to say, I sent my order back immediately, paid the bill and left. Between a burned omelet, a 50+ minute wait for my order and downright poor service, I rate Coco Bahrain Not Bombastic.

A few days later, the owner of Coco’s called me (overseas) to apologize for the bad experience and to invite us back. However, we had already left Bahrain by that time. His call was a nice gesture and takes Coco's initial Not Bombastic rating to Between Bombastic and Not.

What I liked: The décor and the ambience

What I didn’t like: Almost everything else

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Coco Café
Adliya, Bahrain
Tel: 17 716 512

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