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Sheraton Hotel - Bahrain

5 Star Hotel, Not 5 Star Service


Sheraton Hotel - Bahrain

I've stayed at Sheraton Hotels a number of times and this is the first time that I can recall being so disappointed with them.

From the very beginning, things were not up to par. Reception did not treat me like a welcome guest, let alone a preferred guest/gold member. Even though I am a gold member with Sheraton I was not upgraded to the Preferred Guest floor as is customary. My first room was a standard room; not much bigger than a matchbox it seemed. One small window with no view whatsoever. It felt like a jail cell.

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With this being a five-star hotel and me having gold member status, I was extremely disappointed to find there were no robes, no slippers, no welcome fruit (as is customary) and no bottle opener in the room. Was this really a five-star hotel?

Breakfast the following morning was just as disappointing; an incomplete order and expired yogurt, not a good way to start ones day.

I called the concierge about hiring a car and driver to do a tour. The first price I got was 120 BD (Bahraini Dinar) for 24 hours. And when I called back to see what it would be for 12 hours I was told 120 BD plus 10 BD for each additional hour. Apparently, hiring for 24 hour basis was the better deal? Of course when I tried the book the original price quoted they wouldn't allow me and only offered me the 120 BD for 12 hours.

I later tried to book some treatments at their spa, only to find out they only had one masseur on staff, and that the spa did not do manicure and pedicure. That was done down at a small hair salon in the basement of the hotel.

There were really only two things that kept the Sheraton Bahrain from being "not bombastic" in my eyes. One was the beautiful pool, however I think the beautiful weather is what made it the pool so great. (Service at the pool was extremely slow.)

The other thing was the second night we moved into a suite, which was very nice. Even though it was only two rooms connected, one with the bedroom and one with a living room, not a true suite, it was still nice to be out of my jail cell.

What I stay at the Sheraton again? Probably not. I will be back to Bahrain soon so see what else Bahrain has to offer. There has to be something better than the Sheraton.

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