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Sushi Ko - Adliya, Bahrain

My Initial Impression May Be Wrong


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Update - 10/15/2011 - I was told that Sushi Ko has closed.

Sushi Ko - Manama, Bahrain: There are times when I crave for Asian cuisine during my travels. Since I always have my usual Western fare, spicing meals up with some Eastern cooking is one way to break dining habits. Adliya offers a lot of restaurants for different types of Asian food, and on that particular night I was thinking about getting some good Japanese food.

Initially, we wanted to have dinner at Miria, which is a hip and chic Japanese restaurant that we've eaten at before and totally loved. We couldn't get a reservation, however, and my insatiable craving for cuisine from the Land of the Rising Sun led us to try out another Japanese restaurant called Sushi Ko.

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When we got in, we were instantly fazed by the bare bones d├ęcor, cheap looking chairs, tiny sushi bar and generally ho-hum atmosphere. The restaurant has a dozen small tables with tacky metal chairs shrouded in equally tacky dark blue fabric. I refused to dine in such kitsch, but I didn't have a choice because the microscopic sushi bar only had three chairs! We wanted to leave already, but decided to take a look at the menu, and it too, was drab. It seemed that all the sushi and maki had cream cheese on them (this was really strange).

With no other reason to stay, we simply left. Though we didn't eat there, just looking at the place and the menu already led me to believe that Sushi Ko would garner a rating of Not Bombastic, however since I didn't actually eat there I can't really give an official verdict. If you do get to try it, let me know.

Update 12/1/09 - I have received many comments that my initial impression was way off and that Sushi Ko does have great food. I will definately check it out the next time I am in Bahrain.

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