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The Ritz Carlton Hotel - Bahrain


The Ritz Carlton Hotel - Bahrain

The rooms at Bahrain's Ritz Carlton must have been designed with the thought you would not be spending much time in them. Small, small, small.

Beautifully decorated in the standard hotel shades of gold and tans with dark wood furniture, The Ritz Carlton exudes style and elegance but just does not give you enough space to actually enjoy it.

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To enhance the close quarters and to emphasize the claustrophobic feeling, there is just one small window behind the large, gold draped wall. The view from the room overlooks the large, gorgeous, expansive pool below, a stark contrast to your room.

Heading out to the pool, as you are so encouraged to do by the smallness of your room, you find not only an inviting pool, but a private beach that goes on and on and on, stretching to a small private island; perfect for a lazy day of catching some rays or catching up that reading you have been wanting to do. It is so peaceful you can even catch a quiet afternoon nap.

Service around the pool is slow at best, however the service at the pool restaurant is attentive and the food is even better.

Room service and housekeeping are what you would expect from a five-star, luxury hotel, consistently good. Whether it was getting extra towels from housekeeping or a special request from room service neither failed to provide excellent, 5 star service.

I cannot give the concierge service the same accolades. They were slow to respond to queries and slow or non-existent confirmation to when plans changed and reservations needed to be modified.

The restaurant and bar options at The Ritz is on track for a 5-star hotel this size: Burlington Club - Cigar bar
Overlook Café - Poolside restaurant
Tiare - Spa Café
The Lobby Lounge - Offering light meals and cocktails in the lounge
Nirvana - Indian cuisine
La Mediteranee - Where breakfast is served, Mediterranean fare is served throughout the day
Primavera - Italian, seafood and their signature risotto
Plums - steakhouse

We opted for Indian at Nirvana. As Indian cuisine goes, this was dull, tasteless and boring; a huge disappointment and the service did not do much to make up for it. Nirvana is definitely a place I will pass on in the future.

My overall impression of The Ritz Carlton Bahrain is average. It is apparent that there is not much competition in the 5 star, luxury hotel market in Bahrain. The Ritz is at best average. They do not do anything to enhance your stay or to make you feel extra welcome or special. They do their job, provide you with nice surroundings and atmosphere but beyond that you might feel you are at a 3 or 4 star hotel.

Would I stay at The Ritz in Bahrain again? Yes, as from what I have seen, the options for five-star, luxury hotels is limited at best.

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