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Zoe Restaurant - Adliya, Bahrain

Chic and Trendy Hotspot in Bahrain


Restaurant Category : International

Zoe Restaurant - Manama, Bahrain: Zoe is a smart and stylish restaurant located in the trendy Adliya area in Bahrain. Open for lunch and dinner, this restaurant serves International cuisine. As Zoe is fully packed on weekends, reservations are a must on weekends.

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A restaurant-cum-lounge, Zoe has a modern and chic décor. The dining room is well appointed and has a cool urban feel to it. This restaurant also has a gorgeous lounge with a bar and a rooftop area.

We were at Zoe restaurant on a Sunday evening. To our surprise, we were the only people dining there. On asking, we were informed that business has fallen since the unrest in Bahrain started. The menu at Zoe offered a variety of contemporary Mediterranean dishes as well as traditional Italian items such as Pasta and Pizza. For main course, a variety of seafood and meat options were available.

While I decided to go for a fillet, my friend ordered the lamb shank. Though my fillet was good, I’ve definitely had better. In fact, I’ve made better fillets myself. Also, though my friend’s lamb shank was tender, it had an “old” taste to it. If I had to guess, I would say it was a leftover from the weekend. But this is just a guess based on how it tasted (which is a pretty good indicator, I must say). For dessert, we ordered cookies and cream and crème brulée. The cookies and cream tasted just as great as they looked. However, the crème brulée was very average tasting.

The wine list at Zoe restaurant is extensive and expensive, but the high cost is the case with most all the restaurants in Bahrain (and the Middle East as a whole). Service was great, but again we were the only diners at that time.

Overall, Zoe is a very upscale, hip restaurant. I can see why Zoe is crowded on weekends. There aren’t a lot of restaurants like this in the area. We would definitely go back, but it would be with lower expectations and it would definitely be on a weekend when the place is “happening”. Our rating for Zoe restaurant is Between Bombastic and Not as some of the dishes were very average.

What I liked: The urban décor

What I didn’t like: Some dishes were average at best

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

Address and Telephone Number:
Adliya, Manama,
Telephone: +973 17 716 400

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