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Hotel De Orangerie - Bruges, Belgium | Hotel Review

Beautiful, Boutique Hotel in Bruges


Once used as the Convent of the Sisters Karthuizerinnen, the renovated convent is now home to the twenty room, boutique hotel, Hotel De Orangerië. With its perfect location and beautiful view, how could this hotel be anything but bombastic?

First Impression/Lobby: Walking into Hotel De Orangerië the first thing I saw was the trendy lobby decked out in big white furniture contrasted amongst many large, green leafy plants. It was trendy meets the tropics. The greenery was calming and welcoming, the room stylish, yet homey.

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Reception: As I was finding was the trend in Belgium, the people are wonderfully warm, genuine and very hospitable and it was no different here. The young woman in reception was fast and efficient and definitely made us feel welcome. After a short tour of the hotel by her colleague, who made us feel just as welcomed, we were escorted to our third floor Junior Suite.

The Suite: The third floor Junior Suite was their largest suite but with its location on the top floor the angled ceilings made it seem smaller than it was. This actually just added to the quaintness of the room. The hardwood floors, the white linens, the little nooks, shelves and closets and the all the white woodwork was reminiscent of a New England cottage, but somehow it seemed perfect for Bruges.

Unfortunately, the view from the windows was not of the canal along the front of the hotel but from our vantage point on the third floor we had a panoramic view of the of the city and I could see all four of the city's cathedral's steeples.

Restaurant: We did not have an opportunity to try the hotel's restaurant and its award winning breakfast but if the beauty of the restaurant is any indication, I am confident it would have been memorable.

Concierge: Hotel De Orangerië does not have a concierge but do not let that worry you. Reception was able make all the arrangements we needed.

Overall Impression Hotel De Orangerië is quaint, warm and welcoming. Its location is perfect and the service top notch. There are other hotels in Bruges that are more beautiful but I still would say that Hotel De Orangerië is bombastic.

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