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Hotel Firean - Antwerp, Belgium | Hotel Review


Hotel Firean Antwerp, Belgium: Normally, this is not the type of hotel I would write about as it is not a five-star hotel or is it near the city center and historic areas.

However, when I tried to book a room in Antwerp everything in the area that I wanted was full. After countless calls and numerous hours searching, I found Hotel Firean.

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Originally, a mansion built in 1929, Hotel Firean, was restored and opened in 1986, by the owners, the family Iserbyt. Hotel Firean is located about a twenty-minute walk from the Old City and it out to be a gem of a hotel with personal, five-star service.

When you walk into the lobby, you instantly feel you are not in hotel, but in someone's home. The large leather couch and chairs, crystal chandeliers, dark wood, gorgeous rugs and stained-glass windows take you back to an era when people welcomed you into their home with class and elegance.

Registration was fast, easy, and very welcoming. The owner himself actually brought our bags up to our second floor Junior Suite. This type of service is what makes the hotel so special.

Our room, a junior suite, was small and the floral bedspread and curtains suggested it was time for an update. More importantly, it was clean and very cozy, designed and decorated with the owner's heart and soul. There is no way you could not feel welcomed and comfortable in it.

The highlight of our stay at Hotel Firean was the morning breakfast. Seated in the small dining room, in front of the big window, they served us the best breakfast any hotel has ever served us before. Cold cuts, cheeses, fruit yogurt, eggs and fresh rolls; it may not sound that special but it was beyond compare. This one experience took the hotel from being homey and comfortable to a completely new level.

Yes, the Hotel Firean may not be located in the old city center and the room may be small and a bit outdated but the service alone makes the stay there so special. If you are headed to Antwerp, and enjoy the feel of a Bed and Breakfast, then check in to Hotel Firean.

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