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el Coctel Bar and Lounge - Shanghai, China | Restaurant Review

Cool and Relaxing; A Great Addition to Shanghai


Restaurant Category : Bar, Lounge

el Coctel – Shanghai, China: Owned by the same owner of el Willy Restaurant, el Coctel is perfect for an after dinner drink or, at the end of a long day, a great place to meet up with friends.

We went to el Coctel after an amazing (and fulfilling) dinner at el Willy. We were told that el Coctel was within walking distance from el Willy. We apparently we made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up having to hail a taxi, which luckily there were plenty. Be sure you have el Coctel’s name and address written in Chinese before you head out to; it is nearly impossible to find a taxi driver that reads or speaks English.

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el Coctel was dimly lit and had the same relaxed atmosphere as el Willy. It was a weeknight and I was surprised to see the bar so full and like el Willy, it was filled with mainly expats, couples and small groups; apparently hashing over their work day and getting geared up for another day in the office. It wasn’t a loud or rowdy crowd and the music (Latin and jazz) was not over-powering.

Service at el Coctel was attentive, which surprised me for as busy it was, and the drinks, well, they were on the expensive side, but for cocktail after a nice dinner you expect to pay a bit more. And, for the relaxing atmosphere, cool crowd, refreshing drinks and attentive service, it was all worth it.

As you can guess, our rating for el Coctel in Shanghai is Bombastic.

What I liked: Relaxed atmosphere, good drinks, attentive service even though they were busy.

What I didn’t like: Nothing

Rating: Bombastic
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