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China is a nation with a strong historical civilization that spreads over a major part of East Asia. Known for its old civilization, for having one of the oldest written language systems, its unique traditional aspects spilling over food, culture and architecture; China is a land of innumerable discoveries. Fused with the ultimate modern luxuries, the offer on the plate is an endless choice of the best of restaurants, pubs and hotels to choose from for an experience that can range from absolutely traditional to overtly modern.

China China offers you a multitude of choices of restaurants, luxury hotels etc for your pleasure and enjoyment. Come to us for in-depth, personal and explanatory restaurant reviews, to know more about the luxury hotels in China and for the scoop on the best restaurants in China, for food varying from a quick and savory snack to a delectable meal in courses, the best place to sip on the famous tea of China, the perfect jaunt for a night-out of good food and relaxing ambience, for the hidden restaurants offering the traditional cuisine of China, the best deals for your stay, what to miss and what not to miss; we have it all here for you right from the horse’s mouth(or in our case the horse’s ‘hands’ since we have it listed down for you!). Our reviews are what you can trust as they come out of not hear-say, but from the real experience of our reviewers.

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Marco Polo Parkside Hotel - Beijing, China

Beijing - Beijing five-star and luxury hotel, resort and restaurant reviews. Read More

Amanfayun Resort in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou - Hangzhou: With the beautiful West Lake, breathtaking natural scenery, Hangzhou has been regarded as one of the most well-known and prosperous cities of China for the last 1,000 years. Dripping with traditions and reminiscent of an ancient culture, Hangzhou offers you the experience of savoring the best of hotels, restaurants offering different cuisines and drinks and tourist spots that will range from traditional to uber cool. Hangzhou offers you a multitude of choices of restaurants, luxury hotels etc for your p Read More

Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai, China

Shanghai - The global city of Shanghai exerts tremendous influence in the nuances of art, entertainment, politics, business, finance, commerce, research, fashion and much more. Known for being a popular tourist destinations renowned for landmarks such as the Bund, City God temple, the Oriental Pearl Tower; Shanghai is called ‘the show piece’ of the world’s largest growing economy. So to experience the best of touristic pleasures from food to luxury hotels to much more, Shanghai is your stop. From traditional offers to sitting on the lap of Read More