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Sun with Aqua Japanese Restaurant and Bar - Shanghai, China | Restaurant Review

Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing


Restaurant Category : Japanese, Sushi

Sun with Aqua Sushi Restaurant – Shanghai, China: Located at the trendy Bund area in Shanghai, Sun with Aqua Sushi Restaurant serves Tokyo-style Japanese fare in a chic, contemporary ambiance.

Rated as one of the best, if not the best sushi restaurants in Shanghai, we arrived here with high expectations. We went for a late lunch and later found out to our dismay that the restaurant does not like latecomers and when they say they close at a certain time, they mean it. Also once they inform patrons that it is the final chance to order, they truly mean it and there is absolutely no chance to order anything else, not even a dessert as simple as green tea ice cream. Their less than customer oriented service was very “don’t eat here‘, instead of making us feel like we were a nuisance. The last thing that we wanted was to be rushed at an upscale eatery like this. Truly disheartening.

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The setting, however, was stylish with dark wood seating tables, wooden flooring and high ceilings. Sun with Aqua Sushi is artfully decorated with large traditional bamboos and oriental lanterns that throw a scintillating light on the table to create a warm glow. There is a nice counter-top seating area, overlooking the sprawling open kitchen, where you catch the chefs at work. There is also a lovely azure-hued aquarium bar; with an imposing giant sized aquarium encircling the seating area and creating a bizarre underwater feel along with an illusion of lots of space.

Moving to the food, the spicy tuna rolls (at about $19 USD) were hugely over-priced. The salmon sashimi ($14.50) was a medium sized portion and far from fresh; the unagi sushi was dry, coarse and old tasting.

On a slightly positive note, they did make a special “custom” roll with shrimp tempura, tuna and salmon, but here’s the catch, they charged us double their most expensive roll!

Sun with Aqua features a good selection of sake, which are priced enormously high though. We ordered a 720 ml. of Hakkaisan Junmai and it cost us almost $110; more than all our food put together! While it was good, I find it hard to believe it was worth that much.

I am still unsure how they acquired the reputation as one of the best sushi restaurants in Shanghai. My guess is that there is not much competition. That is probably the only thing that can explain the ‘just about average’ restaurant’s claim to fame. The service was downright discourteous, the food was mediocre and over-priced and the sake cost the sky. If this is what the best looks like, I shudder at the thought of visiting the others.

What I liked: Nothing worth mentioning really apart from the well-appointed interiors.

What I didn’t like: The inconsiderate and rushed service and the average, over-priced food

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not
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