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TMSK - Shanghai, China | Restaurant Review

Settle more for the décor than the food.


Restaurant Category : Asian (Fusion)

TMSK - Restaurants in Shanghai are as numerous as they are varied. Catering to an international variety of palate demands, ambience preference and more, these restaurants have to compete against each other fiercely. TMSK is the acronym for Tou Ming Si Kao which translates roughly to English as ‘Crystal Mind’. With intricate décor of Chinese stain-glass from the acclaimed Liuli Gongfang who has been specializing in decorative handicraft for the last 18 years, TMSK proved to be a vision pleasant on the eyes.
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The First Impression: On walking into TMSK, one gets the impression that this is one amongst the visually pleasing restaurants of Shanghai. Decorated with great interior skills, the place exuded of traditional fusions with modern amenities. This was a place you wanted to come to for a relaxed and enjoyable evening out with a group of special friends or for a great date.

Décor and Ambience: The lights were all low lit with counter base, wall base etc glowing in warm colors instead of glaring overhead lights. The bar was a blend of different colors of lights giving an aura of modern chic with its contrasts of yellow, orange, pink and blue. The bar counter seats were cleverly designed to represent a lantern as its stool base, lit in vivid pink and orange. The tables were in modish black with comfortable beige seats to sink into for a meal and drink. Definitely a place that spoke of interior know-how with the abundance of beautiful and intricate Chinese stain-glasses. The décor was all about elegance with a dignified restraint and not over-the-top cluttered splash décor that many restaurants indulge in.

Restaurant and Seating: There were 2 levels of restaurants at the TMSK, each offering different dishes. There was also an al fresco seating flanked by a gorgeous fountain with box flowers surrounding the base. You got a feeling of sitting out on a beautiful square and enjoying the view of the busy passersby. The seats were in dark black and red fusions with tall lamp-posts imposing their warm light around the square. A delightful little area to sit out for a drink and a good chat.

The Food: The cuisine drew inspiration from French, Italian and Chinese recipes and was a fusion of the 3. The 1st floor where promotions and discounts generally ran had light eats of eggs, meat, sandwiches, pizzas etc. There were dishes such as Deep Fried Crisp Pork Cutlet with Curry Rice, Thai Garlic Rice Rouzao, Beef Stew with Root Vegetables and many more. The portions were decent, but very artfully decorated.

The second floor served main courses of dishes with French, Thai, Chinese and Italian influence. There were dishes like the Homemade Tortellini in Lobster Sauce with Asparagus and Cherry Tomato, Baked Cod with Homemade Potato Gnocchi in a Fresh Tomato, Olive, Beer and Lemon Seafood Sauce etc. The desserts served were interesting with dishes like the Organic-egg Pudding in Rum Base etc. The food served was acceptable in proportion and taste. But it missed out on being extraordinary which is what the Bombastic rating looks for.

The Service: The service at TMSK was abysmal when compared to other restaurants in Shanghai. For all the repute it held, the service really took away points from the overall impression of the restaurant. We were kept waiting for long and the servers didn’t seem to be too interested in following up for what they were paid to do.

The Calculated Impression: After the first impression of being totally bowled over with the interiors and décor of the TMSK, one is let down a bit in terms of expectations. Though the food was quite good, it didn’t live up to par of what we expected and the service proved to be quite disappointing. But it is worth the visit if you were in Shanghai and looking for a pretty place to get a quick bite at.

What I liked: The beautiful interiors and décor.

What I didn’t like: The terrible service.

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not.

Address and Telephone number:
Address and Telephone number:
Unit 2, Number 11 Beili, Xintiandi Square
Lane 181, Taicang Road
Tel: 021-63262227
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