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Barock Restaurant - Prague, The Czech Republic

Bombastic Restaurant in Prague


Restaurant Category : Asian, International

Barock Restaurant - Prague, The Czech Republic: Barock Restaurant is located in the Jewish quarter, in Parizska (Paris Street), arguably the most fashionable street in Prague. Inside is a casual and trendy atmosphere, with a sophisticated bar area serving champagnes, cocktails, and Czech beers and wines, and a sushi bar. Large photos of local and international celebrities such as Dara Rollins, Simona Krainová, and Matt Damon adorn the walls; incidentally, these celebrities are said to be patrons of Barock. Well-placed pin lights help to make the installations look artistic rather than kitschy.

Crisp white table cloths and first-class cutlery also add to the sophistication of the place.

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The menu was excellent; they had an extensive selection of dishes including burgers, pastas, fish, steak and a small selection of Czech specialties.

For starters, we tried the goat cheese baked in honey and chili peppers, served with beetroot, pears, dried tomatoes and Balsamic reduction. It was Fantastic Bombastic, excellent--a filling and truly satisfying dish. For our main course, we had Pasta with cheese and tomato. Again, there was nothing we could complain about, as it was perfect.

We also tried a traditional Czech dish of loin of venison with bacon, sweet sauce with walnuts, raisins, poached pears and Karlsbad dumplings. While the loin was tender and nicely done, the seasoning was a bit too sweet for my taste.

For dessert, we had a Tiramisu Sushi Nigiri. The presentation was impressive! It looked like it was real Sushi but it was tiramisu and fruit with marzipan—a confection that is made of sugar and almond meal—and wasabi. If only it tasted as good as it looked.

We also tried their Strawberry Dumplings, another Czech dish, but again, not to my taste.

Their service was great, one of the best I experienced in Prague.

One word of warning, the serving size of sweet wine and cognac are small!

What I liked: The decor, the service, the warm goat cheese salad

What I didn’t like: Small portion size of the sweet wine and cognac

Rating: Bombastic

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