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Le Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Restaurant – Prague, Czech Republic

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Le Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Restaurant – Prague, Czech Republic: Le Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Resturant is as sophisticated and refined as its name implies. Here, a team of chefs and “specialists” offer three types of tasting menus—Traditional Czech, Terre et Eau menu (Land and Sea) and Chef Inspired. Each meal has a total of seven courses, plus seven to ten amuse-bouche—small bites to eat before the serving of a course. Wine pairing is also offered for every course.

The white gloved employees meticulously set the tables, inspecting each piece of china, crystal and silver, making sure that everything is perfect and spotless. Dining here is a full experience of the senses—as if you were participating in a theatrical or ritualistic performance.

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We arrived late for our reservation and found that our table was no longer available. They gave us an option of dining at a table near the door or waiting a little while for a better table. We opted to wait. Filip, the co-owner and restaurant manager, offered us a cocktail or a glass of champagne to pass the time. We went with the Champagne and asked if they had a ‘rose.’ While they didn’t have one open, they wasted no time in opening the cork to a brand new bottle; immediately, we were impressed with their stellar service.

After a short wait we were shown to a fabulous table located at the center corner with a full view of the restaurant and a clear view of the open kitchen.

We ordered from the various tasting menus:

From the Terre et Eau menu: Aubergine and pear ravioli with parmesan veloute and Balsamic vinegar.

From the Boheme Bourgeoise menu: Wild poultry soup with poached quail egg, and pigeon dumpling.

The rest of our orders came from the Chef Selection menu: Beef oyster blade with organic egg, creamy sauce with fresh dill, and barley dumpling; Butter poached Canadian lobster with red beet essence, and creamy leek; Wagyu Kobe style beef with ponzu sauce, tapioca pearls, ginger chutney, shiitake, and garden cress; and Reblochon macchiato, a French cheese from the Alps region of Savoie.

The meal ended with a chocolate sphere filled with white chocolate sauce. When they served it they poured on hot melted chocolate over the sphere, melting it to reveal a white chocolate sauce hidden inside. Served with green tea ice cream, it was the perfect climax to a perfect dining experience.

The wine pairing was just as amazing as the food. Each wine completed each course in the manner that punctuation accentuates and concludes pure poetry.

One of the most amazing things about the restaurant is that the menu and the paired wines changes every day. They do keep a few of their specialties from each menu but the mere fact that they recreate the menu every day and reconstruct such a mind-blowing experience night after night, exemplifies the dedication, creativity and love that they have for the culinary arts. Indeed, they elevate food and dining into an art form.

Everything, and I mean everything, was beyond marvelous. The food, the service, the atmosphere, the whole experience was Fantastic Bombastic!

When you are in Prague and want to be blown away by an amazing dining experience, book a table at La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise Restaruant.

What I liked: Everything!

What I didn’t like: That the evening went so fast.

Rating: Fantastic Bombastic

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