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Kiin Kiin Thai Restaurant - Copenhagen, Denmark

Amazing Food, Horrendous Service


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Kiin Kiin – Copenhagen, Denmark: Being only one of a few Thai restaurants in the world who has gained a Michelin star and recommended by friends, we decided to go to Kiin Kiin for a special occasion on a boring Monday evening.

We were welcomed at the door and greeted into a beautiful lounge setting where we both had a glass of rosé bubbles. We were enjoying ourselves and the owner came over and talked a little bit about the concept and told us a little bit about a new restaurant they were about to open. We felt very welcome and thought that it was very interesting to hear about the thought behind opening a high-end Thai restaurant.

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The restaurant have a five dish menu so you don't have to spend time figuring out what to get. We had the first dish in the lounge, which was small appetizers from the Thai street kitchen. It was very delicious and a good start to the meal. We had barely finished our food before we were told that we needed to go upstairs. When we politely said that we would like to finish our drinks and swallow our food before going up, the waiter asked how long it would take, a little bit weird response, but ok. We said 5 minutes only to have the waiter come back a bit later to say, “ok the 5 minutes have passed now you have to move upstairs”.

Coming up stairs we came up to a beautifully lit room with only a few tables which felt welcoming and cozy. We were seated in the back near the window so we felt very private but could still see what was going on in the restaurant.

The first dish upstairs was a delicious spicy chicken soup. We were a bit surprised to find a hair in the soup, but decided to not make a big deal out of it, and just asked for a new one. This is when our troubles started. It took us 5-10 minutes just to get a hold of our waiter. Once he came over I explained there was a hair in my soup and he took the soup and said I will be right back. Once he came back with the new soup he said "we think that it is your own hair”. We were just flabbergasted! Excuse me?! On top of that we don't think that we got new soup but got the same bowl just without the hair. That said the soup was excellent! And the wine from then wine menu complemented the food great.

Unfortunately the bad service didn't end there. Our waiter mixed up the wines and told us the wrong countries and grapes they were made from. This was discovered when the manager of the place decided to take over the serving of our table (good choice, he was GREAT!!), but that was only after my partner was told that he couldn't go to the restroom because the dessert was coming.

I have actually forgotten what the rest of the food was, my head was spinning at that point, but we did have as dish with beet foam and green curry which was very, very good and the desert were served on a brick rock which were really liked.

We left the restaurant confused. Did we really just experience that? At first we laughed it off, but after a little bit we just could not believe that they would treat customers like that.

We have to say that the food was excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed the wine selection, but the horrendous service we got at Kiin Kiin was just a slap in the face. We definitely will not go back even though we have been offered a new dinner after sending a complaint the next day to the owner.

That said when talking to other people about our experience none have had the same God awful service so we are hoping that the waiter was new or had an off day, or maybe just didn’t know any better. Anyhow, the restaurant manager was GREAT as was the food, but based on the extremely poor service from the waiter, I can only rate Kiin Kiin in Copenhagen as between bombastic and not.

What I liked: The food and the wine.

What I didn’t like: The Service, The Service, The Service

Rating: Between Bombastic and Not

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