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Fairmont Nile City - Cairo, Egypt

Modern Luxury on the banks of an Ancient Wonder


The Fairmont group of hotels is famed for their luxurious offer of facilities to their guests. Situated in most of the major continents, this group of hotels has some of the best locations in the world. Fairmont Nile City is located along the bank of the Nile River in Cairo and offers its guests a chance to experience the rich cultural heritage and natural wonder of the place nestled in the arms of uber luxury and service. With its famed restaurant, the poolside sky bar, the popular Willow Tree spa and more, Fairmont Nile City was a hotel we were curious to check out. Click here to see all 16 pictures of the Fairmont Nile City Hotel in Cairo.

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First Impression/Lobby: We were greeted at our car on arrival by a well dressed bellman and doorman who escorted us in and looked into matters of our luggage. All of the staff at Fairmont Nile City was well dressed and it created a very positive first impression. Upon entering the Fairmont Nile City, one would expect to be greeted by grandeur right at the lobby, but instead of a forceful elegance, the lobby at Fairmont Nile City had an understated elegance about it that was stylish and very chic. .

Reception: Once at the front-desk, we were escorted to the elevator to go to the Fairmont Gold Lounge where our check-in would be completed. Located on the 15th floor, the lounge was tastefully done with elegant wall prints, curios and comfortable and modish sofas to sink into and enjoy the glass of (non-alcoholic) sparkling wine served to us as the check-in process was completed. It was a nice thought, but it was a bit too sweet to really enjoy it.

The Suite The Nile Suite at the Fairmont Nile City was, in a word, gorgeous. Large in size, it was very elegantly decorated with tasteful bronze-gold sofas and warm tones of earthy hues splaying the walls, interesting prints of framed pictures enhancing the elegance of the interiors and more. There was a cozy corner for a dining table with inky-black chairs to have a meal at, a work-table arranged nearby, and an entertainment center facing the comfortable couches to watch your favorite TV shows at. With lamps creating warm hazes in the corners of the room and a large comfortable bed that was made to sleep in, the room breathed of all the luxury you could ask for.

The bathroom too was done in warm tones and had a fabulous bath and gleaming counter-tops. The shower proved to be the snag of our stay at the Fairmont Nile City. With a gap at the bottom of the shower door, you were met with a flood of water that escaped during your bath, pooling into a flood outside of it. When we mentioned this to the manager at the Gold Lounge she said that the management was aware of the issue but hadn’t quite worked around taking care of it as of yet. Not a positive sign of efficiency right there!

Housekeeping: We made sure to call the housekeeping before we headed out for dinner and asked them to get our bed ready by turning-down the sheets so that we could just climb in when we came back. We also asked for some extra water to be left behind. Disappointingly, the bed was made ready just for one person and the water we had asked for couldn’t be found anywhere. Aside from this set-back, the housekeeping at Fairmont Nile City was very efficient in all other ways.

Executive Lounge: Having booked the Nile Suite, we had access to the Executive lounge which was the Gold lounge. You could drop in here anytime of the day for soft drinks, in the mornings for the breakfast buffet, in the evenings for cocktails and for deserts later in the evening. They also offered afternoon tea for their guests. We visited the Gold lounge for the evening cocktails and canopies and they were disastrous. The selection of wines was very limited and they offered only the local Egyptian wines as complimentary drinks. Needless to say, they were good in the least sense. This was followed by another disastrous offer of the buffet breakfast the next morning which was unappetizing and quite hard on the palate. The limited choices, the quality of food and the service offered was quite below the standards of a five-star hotel.

Concierge: The concierge provided us with a respite from the dismal offerings of the Gold lounge. Helpful, knowledgeable and friendly, he was the epitome of how a concierge at a five-star hotel should be.

Restaurants: There are quite a few options for dining at the Fairmont Nile City. Located on the second floor of the hotel is the Napa Grill, a restaurant that offered a delectable cuisine influenced by Spanish, Mexican and Mediterranean flavors. Themed around the sunny aura of Napa, California, Napa Grill is an all-day restaurant offering breakfast, a lunch-buffet and an a la carte dinner. The other restaurant at Fairmont Nile City is the Saigon Bleu. With a glass-walled open kitchen offering the guests a peek into the art of cooking, Saigon Bleu is designed around an Asian theme in visuals and offered a Vietnamese cuisine with Asian and French influence. It is famous for its sea-food and the quality of its fish and more.

Fairmont Nile City also houses the Onyx Lounge at the mezzanine level which offers light-snacks and desserts, bar/lounge food and a selection of tea and coffee. Fairmont Nile City also had a pool-side restaurant at the 25th floor. The Sky Pool offered both hot and cold food and a selection of cocktails and mock-tails to enjoy while taking in the warmth of the sun near the pool.

Pool/Spa Activities: The pool at the Fairmont Nile City was enormous and they also had a nice big Jacuzzi nearby. The Willow Tree Spa offered a range of herbal treatments and customized remedies and a wide array of body and beauty care to choose from. With treatments for stress, relaxation and other needs being looked into, it is a great place for guests to drop into to feel rejuvenated and rested. Fairmont Nile City also had a beauty salon and a health-club. With a state-of-the-art gym and personal trainers to guide you through aerobics, yoga and more, this was the place to be at for all the health-conscious people.

Check-Out: The check-out was a breeze and done with no hitches at all at the Gold Lounge.

Overall Impression: The overall impression of the Fairmont Nile city was very favorable and we really did enjoy our stay here. The minor setbacks were the housekeeping, the bathroom leak, the mediocre food, drink and service options in the Gold lounge. Oher than these hitches, the Fairmont Nile City was Bombastic!

Address and Telephone Number
Fairmont Nile City
Nile City Towers - 2005 B
Corniche El Nil
Ramlet Beaulac
Cairo, Egypt- 2466
Tel: +20 22 461 9494

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