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Chez Andre' - Paris, France

Just not a good experience for us


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Chez Andre - Paris, France: A stylish French bistro, Chez Andre is located at 12, rue Marbeuf in the heart of the Golden Triangle, just a short stroll from the Champs Elysees Blvd in Paris, France. Opened in 1936, this restaurant has kept its design and décor intact over the years. Reservations are highly recommended.

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Chez Andre was recommended to us by our hotel concierge and a few people we had met while in Paris. So we figured out that we just had to try this French bistro. And it definitely did not disappoint at first sight. With a charming red awning, this place has become a landmark for many. Mirrored walls, dark wooden furniture, a small bar and a traditional décor duly fulfils all your expectations for a French bistro. Moreover, the atmosphere was cozy and wonderful.

To our surprise the menu was old school with foie gras, snails, oysters, frogs' legs, grilled veal kidneys, roast rack of lamb and bouillabaisse. We ordered half free range chicken roasted in gravy with “house” French Fries (15.50 Euro) and a leg of Aveyron suckling lamb with “house” mashed potatoes (23.90 Euro). To our dismay, both the chicken and the lamb were dry. Luckily for me, I had some gravy. However, my partner’s lamb was extremely dry to the point that he could eat just a few bites. When the waitress came and saw he wasn’t eating any she asked him if everything was fine. When my partner replied that the lamb was too dry (and he had ordered it medium rare) she just said “oh” and walked away. She didn’t even offer to replace the dish or take it off the bill. By this time, we were hugely put off and didn’t stop to try any of their desserts.

Overall, Chez Andre is a beautiful French bistro situated in a superb location. But there ends the positives. Neither the service nor the food was good! Our rating for this restaurant in Paris is Almost Not Bombastic.

What I liked: Definitely the ambience

What I didn’t like: Most definitely the food

Rating: Almost Not Bombastic

Address and Telephone Number:
Chez Andre
12, rue Marbeuf
Paris, France 75008
Phone: 01 47 20 59 57

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