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Guy Savoy - Paris, France | Restaurant Review

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Guy Savoy - Paris, France: With all the fantastic restaurants in Paris, it's quite a conundrum finding the time (and money!) to dine at all of them. However, our recent trip to the City of Lights gave us an opportunity to achieve the near-impossible: dine at four different 'Michelin Star' restaurants!

You may have already heard of Guy Savoy, the award-winning, 3 Michelin Star, French chef. He has a restaurant in Las Vegas, but there is no better way to enjoy his signature French cuisine than in France itself!

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The restaurant is housed in a nondescript building. The façade reveals very little about the culinary treasures to be had inside and you definitely have no idea what you are in for until you get in. When we entered Guy Savoy, it was simply breathtaking: a classy interior spanning three separate dining rooms with trendier décor than the other Michelin Star restaurants we dined at (L'Ambroisie and Le Cinq).

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The high-class ambience of the restaurant was spoiled a bit by the congested dining room that we were promptly ushered into by the server. Out of the four Michelin Star restaurants that we ate at, this definitely had to be the most crowded! It seemed that Parisian elite and political figures dined here, as evidenced by the presence of President Sarkozy and King Abdullah of Jordan that evening who were huddled away with their companions in a private room.

For starters, we had Sea Bass which was so tender that it literally melted in my mouth. Its rich flavor and texture were only good signs of better things to come. When it came time for my main course, I ordered a pigeon dish but our server recommended the lamb. I hesitated a bit, mainly because I've already had lamb over at Le Cinq, but decided to take on the server's challenge. It was a good thing that I took his advice because the lamb was superb! Its flavor and style were of a different one from Le Cinq, and I thoroughly enjoyed both dishes.

I had a warm chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream for dessert, which formed a wonderful combination to cap off the evening's dining experience. Our server, however, also brought in some sweets and pastries from their dessert tray! I could not say no to an enthusiastic server, and so I partook of a marshmallow, caramel and cheese cake for good measure.

For the restaurant's beautiful interior, sterling reputation, excellent service and even better food, I'm rating the Guy Savoy Fantastic Bombastic.

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