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Hotel Le A - Paris, France | Hotel Review

Disappointing Boutique Hotel


Hotel Le A - Paris, France: Located just blocks from Champs-Elysées in Paris, Hotel Le A, a small, 26 room, boutique hotel did not live up to the expectations we had after reviewing their website's descriptions and pictures.

First Impression/Lobby: Crammed into a little space just feet from the first door is the small reception area. The area becomes congested and the route in and out is almost impassable once your bags added to the mix. To call this area a lobby would be an overstatement. Around the corner from this is a nice sized seating area/library and bar with seating for a dozen or so people. Trendy and chic is the décor but cramped, dark and lifeless is the feeling.

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Reception: Checking in was fast and easy. Other than being in a high traffic zone and worrying about the luggage being in the way it was simple and efficient and the young man that showed us to our suite surely made us feel welcome.

The Suite: The Junior Suite is not much larger than a bread box. Once you throw in a bed, couch, coffee table, two side chairs and another table you can just imagine how much room you have left, barely enough to breathe. If the room had not been decked out all in white, I would have felt claustrophobic within minutes. This had to be the smallest, tiniest, most minute junior suite I have ever seen.

The bathroom, with its vertically striped, tiled walls was sparse, most likely because there was barely room to move, let alone room for any decoration. The shower, located across the width of the back bathroom wall, was spacious, but the cheap shower head ruined any chance of enjoying a good shower.

Over all, this junior suite ranks in the top five of the worst rooms I have ever stayed in.

Room Service: Room Service had an extremely small offering of which it was over-priced and extremely slow and far from service oriented. On the first night, our order of lobster pasta salad and cheese sandwich took over an hour for delivery. The second night we requested a bucket of ice. They brought a bucket ¼ full and said they ran out of ice. They were not going to try to figure out where or how to get more ice until I insisted. Finally they went to a near by hotel and got some. Was this really a luxury, boutique hotel? I think not!

Housekeeping: Either the amenities at Hotel Le A were much more expensive than they appeared or they were in very short supply, either way, housekeeping failed to replace them both days.

Concierge: Hotel Le A does not have a dedicated concierge but reception was able to make the lunch and dinner reservations we requested as well as secure a car for the drive to the airport in the midst of a Parisian taxi strike.

Overall Impression If you have not guessed by now, my overall impression of Hotel Le A in Paris is one of complete disappointment. From the prices they charge compared to the size of the room and the service and ammenities offered, we should have had a completely different experience.

Yes, there were some good recommendations for lunch and dinner and yes, they were able to book a taxi during a strike but the carelessness of service and tiny room just make the rating for Hotel Le A, not bombastic.

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