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L'Ambroisie Restaurant - Paris, France | Restaurant Review

Amazing Dining Experience in Paris


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L'Ambroisie - Paris, France: When we embarked on a culinary expedition to Paris's Michelin Star restaurants, we were expecting hefty dinner tabs to arrive at our table after our meal, but so far none were more luxurious or expensive than L'Ambroisie.

L'Ambroisie, formerly a magazine shop, is a small restaurant consisting of only five tables: four 2-tops and one 5-top in the middle of the dining room. An enormous chandelier hangs in the ceiling at the room's center, giving it a touch of kingly elegance that we did not experience at the other restaurants. There were tapestries, gold colored walls and seemingly ancient wooden floors that looked marvelous. Although very elegant, the place had a very comfortable atmosphere as well. Dining in a place like this, you don't have to look at the price list to know that it's going to be expensive!

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When we were seated, our server brought us some puff pastries and a glass of champagne for starters. These were a delicious way to start the evening's dining festivities, and we proceeded to order a Sweetbread and Snail with Cream Sauce dish and Sea Bass with Black Truffles for appetizers. These, too, were delicious, and a little bit more daring compared to the appetizer we had at Guy Savoy and Le Cinq.

For my main course I ordered the Veal Shank, which came with veal juice and herbs. I was thrilled by the flavor and taste that I was experiencing, as this had to be one of the most exciting veal dishes that I have had as of late. It was tasty, tender, and intensely flavorful. I liked the chef's attention to detail as shown by the two little potato wedges that came along with it.

For dessert, I ordered a chocolate tart with vanilla ice cream like in Guy Savoy. I figured that I'd like a sweet dish that I was accustomed to as a night cap. Everything was just amazing, from the consistent service and appreciative staff to the great food we've had so far. The restaurant has an expansive wine list, with reasonably priced wines to luxuriously expensive ones costing anywhere between 100 to 1300 Euro. We spotted a 35 year old cognac, and our server even gave us ΒΌ glass of it for free!

Although everything on the menu of L'Ambroisie was expensive, it was all offset by the excellent service, great food and comfortable ambiance. I'm giving this a Bombastic rating.

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