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Taillevent - Paris, France | Restaurant Review

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Taillevent - Paris, France: Paris is a beautiful city littered with al fresco dining restaurants, small shops cum social cafes and art salons. One way to enjoy the Parisian life is to explore the city's tourist attractions and eat as the usual haunts. If, however, you'd like to experience the best of what French cuisine and Paris has to offer, you would undoubtedly choose to dine at Paris's finest restaurants. Look no further than the Michelin Star awarded restaurant Taillevent.

The spacious restaurant was a beehive of activity, with guests coming and going and servers scurrying about. A sight such as this leads you to thinking that the place is a more commercial establishment compared to the other Michelin Star restaurants we dined in. The large, modern themed dining room had 10 tables and a central table with drinks, wine and champagne. It was certainly a lot busier than the quaint atmosphere of L'Ambroisie.

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We were immediately welcomed the moment we arrived, and were whisked away to our table by a mild-mannered and attentive server who gave my partner and I the option of sitting side by side or across the table from each other. I felt that this was a sign of excellent service.

The restaurant has an 8-course tasting menu, but we decided to order different entrees instead. We had the potato and black truffle, lobster and crab curry, rabbit and duck. I was impressed by the duck that they served, which was a healthy sized portion and rather delicious, compared to the rabbit dish which was on the smaller side than we had initially expected. For dessert, we had a strawberry tart with cream which tasted good but did not leave an impression on me.

Although the service was generally good, there was this odd incident where our waiter would put a plate on our table and pull it away from us, as if it were a game of cat and mouse. Perhaps done in light-hearted jest, this behavior was nonetheless appropriate for a restaurant of this prestige.

Compared to the three other Michelin star restaurants we dined in (Guy Savoy, Le Cinq and L'Ambroisie), I'm giving this restaurant a rating of somewhere between Bombastic and Not.

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