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Lumiere Restaurant - Hong Kong | Restaurant Review

Chic and Trendy Restaurant in Hong Kong


Restaurant Category : Chinese, International

Lumiere Restaurant - Hong Kong - Located on Podium Level 3 of the IFC (International Finance Centre') Mall in Hong Kong, Lumiere offers stunning views of both inside its totally chic and trendy restaurant and outside, the panoramic views of Victoria Harbor below.

Walking into Lumiere will make you ask yourself if you took a wrong turn and ended up in New York's newest hot spot. Lumiere's menu offers a great selection of Sichuan and South American fusion dishes.

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Our dinner started with the Jumbo Seafood Mountain. Be warned; you had better have a big appetite to tackle this one. Lobster, crab, mussels, scallops and oysters plus a variety of dipping sauces (sadly, most of which were bland and boring) made for a great starter; however, it was almost a meal in itself.

The Sea Whelk Chowder Soup and the Chilean Sea Bass were both fantastic; fresh and lightly seasoned bringing out the full flavor without being overpowering.

Unable to choose from their list of dessert we tried the Lumiere Dessert Platter, a small sampling of their best desserts. If this was the best desserts, they had to offer I am happy I did not try the others. The sampling was a big let down. It definitely did not measure up to the rest of our dinner.

Service was the other big disappointment at Lumiere. Our waiter did not know the menu very well and rather than get us correct information, he simply guessed (i.e., what dipping sauces went with which seafood) and after a manager stepped in it was obvious our waiter would never win any guessing competitions.

Our biggest disappointment of the evening was the overwhelming feeling of being rushed. With its chic decor, great music and beautiful view we were set to enjoy our dinner however, from the moment we sat down for dinner (at 9:15PM) we felt we were in a race to the finish line (also known as the door out).

As the staff circled us like hungry vultures waiting to clear our plates, we asked if were holding them up but they insured us they were in no hurry, "take your time" they said. Nevertheless, as fast as we took our last bite they were clearing our dishes and bringing our next course. So much for a relaxing dinner.

Overall Lumiere offers a beautiful setting and great menu but falls short of bombastic due to inexperienced waiters, a rushed evening and deserts that did not measure up.

I am happy I tried Lumiere but I would not go out of my way to go back next time I am in Hong Kong.

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