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The Peninsula Hotel - Hong Kong | Hotel Review

Luxury, 5 Star Hotel


The Peninsula Hotel - Hong Kong:
First Impression/Lobby - The Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong offers a Rolls Royce transfer service to and from the hotel so, living the bombastic life we opted to try it. Even though the people we were to meet us upon arrival were late, the additional cost of the transfer was worth it. There is not much that compares to being picked up in a Rolls. Bombastic sums it up quite well.

Getting out of the Rolls Royce and walking in to the Peninsula Hotel with its marble floors, large pillars and live band playing from the mezzanine just seemed natural. The word grand does not do the lobby justice. Grandiose would make it sound cheap. Classy, stylish, warm and welcoming paints the best description. This is a place that immediately lets you know you are staying somewhere special and at the same time makes you feel right at home.

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Reception - Our first interaction with the staff of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong was positive. It was not until we were shown to our room that things started to turn bad. We had reserved a non-smoking room and the room we were given reeked of smoke. The receptionist that showed us to the room told it was just the smell of the air freshener housekeeping uses. Not buying that answer we asked to be moved to a truly smoke free room, not a room they were trying to cover the smell with a spray.

The next room she took us to still did not meet the specs of the room we reserved. Yes, it was a non-smoking room but it was smaller, on a lower floor and lacked the king sized bed we reserved. The good feeling I was having about The Peninsula Hotel was wearing off and it was wearing off quickly. Finally, she showed us to a room matching the actual category we had reserved as well as being on a non-smoking floor.

The Room - Holding our ground and waiting for the room we had actually reserved and paid for was worth the wait. The room was perfect. Light neutral colors and golds. Plush carpet and linens. A huge window offering the best views of the city and Victoria Harbour. Like the lobby, the room was classy, stylish, warm and welcoming without a single feeling of it being too much. And the details...

It is rare that I see a hotel that pays so much attention to detail. The "control box" on the night stand which controlled the lights, TV and curtains (yes, I said curtains) was simple to use. So many places now have hi-tech lighting that I can never quite figure out. The marble bath with twin basins, separate shower and bath and stand-alone stool just added to the comfort and convenience. It is easy to see the have thought of everything. Not even the smallest of details were overlooked.

Room Service - In one word, perfect. Fast, efficient and great food. Exactly what one wants from room service.

Housekeeping - Daily service was excellent however when we called for extra services they were consistently slow to respond.

Concierge - The concierge service was great! Time after time, they gave us great recommendations and were able to book us at some great restaurants. Each time we visited them they were quick to help us and always had the answers. Their best recommendations for dinner were Aqua and Nobu.

Pool/Spa/Gym - The Peninsula Hotel has the most beautiful (indoor) pool I have seen. The large marble columns and the tall, tall ceilings reminded me of old Roman Baths. The pool area is a highlight of the hotel. The spa and health club are right on par with every other place in the hotel. Gorgeous! If you are looking for luxury, check out these areas!

Overall Impression - Even though the stay started off a bit rough the rest of the stay was fantastic. Would I recommend The Hotel Peninsula? Absolutely. A person could visit Hong Kong and never need to leave The Peninsula.

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