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Brunton Boatyard - Fort Cochin, India | Hotel Review

Safe Bet, But Unispiring


Brunton Boatyard Hotel – Fort Cochin, India: India’s British colonial past is well-preserved in the Brunton Boatyard Hotel in Fort Cochin, India. The property is located right at the water’s edge on the site of a still-active boatyard. The building is typical of colonial-style buildings in the area, white-washed with sloping tiled roofs, well-kept verandas, open spaces, and high-ceilings. The lobby combined both antique and modern furniture for an interesting contrast, but did not have any comfortable place for sitting or waiting.

Thankfully, we did not have to wait that long as the front desk checked us in efficiently. I did not get a warm welcome from the staff however, feeling as if they really did not care whether I was there or not.

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Our room was interesting because it perfectly captured the bygone British era. You could see that they appointed the room to give that feeling exactly, mixing British taste and sensibility with locally-made furniture and materials. A lot of the furniture seemed new yet looked old-fashioned in design, and were probably reproduction pieces. While our room looked luxurious, it felt bleak to the point of austere. To me, the place was as glorious and as dead as its past. The staff also did nothing to alleviate this notion. They were as lifeless as the place they worked in.

Their service was consistent and decent but warmth and depth were simply lacking. The best thing about my stay in the Brunton would probably be the awe-inspiring view of the sea from our balcony. It was a meditative experience to stare at the horizon during sunset, as the ferries and fishing boats went from island to island.

Overall I had a decent stay in this hotel but it simply did not offer anything special enough to compel me to return. I rate the Brunton Boatyard Hotel somewhere between bombastic and not.

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